Estimote launches wearables for workplace-level contact tracing for COVID-19

Bluetooth location beacon startup Estimote has adapted its technological expertise to develop a new product designed specifically for curbing the spread of COVID-19. The company created a new range of

Jakub Krzych sees a world where computers help us do more than we can imagine

Founder of Estimote, Jakub Krzych, expects the world to be a far kinder place. His beacons are already appearing in museums, stores, and public places and helping folks find their way around indoor sp

Museums, startups and accelerators… oh, my!

Startup accelerators have become an integral part of helping early-stage companies build, fund and bring to market new products and ideas. Recently, we’ve seen museums look to the models of accelera

Estimote uses their new mesh network of BLE beacons to decorate a yuletide tree

Everyone knows the holiday season means three things: family, friends and interconnected low-energy Bluetooth devices connected using a simple mesh network. Estimote, a beacon company, has given us th

Estimote announces the Mirror, a dongle that turns any TV into a smart beacon system

Imagine walking into a store, picking up a pair of shoes, and seeing specs for the kicks appear on a TV next to the display. Or imagine standing in front of an airport departures screen and seeing you

Beacon Technology Company Estimote Raises $10.7 Million Series A

Estimote, a beacon company whose small, wireless sensors and accompanying software provide indoor location technology to some of the largest retailers as well as 65 percent of the Fortune 100, has now

Notifications Summit: Session 6

Services as the second instance: Demos: XoXco with Ben Brown Poncho with James Cooper How web services are using contextual data to drive relevant notifications: Robert Scoble (Futurist, Sc

Estimote Creates An Indoor Location System Using Beacons And “Nearables”

[youtube=] The dream of indoor location sensing has always been just that – a dream. The difficulty of Wi-Fi tracking and other technologies has made i

Blinq Tells You If Your Dating Matches Are In The Bar

Shove over Tinder. Swiss startup Blinq has come up with a new twist on the dating app. The startup is incorporating beacon proximity technology into the mix so singles can do more meeting IRL and less

Estimote Launches Indoor Location Service Using iBeacon Tech

[youtube] Estimote, maker of hardware beacon devices and a platform for managing software that uses beacon connections, such as Apple&#

Estimote Wants To Pioneer ‘Nearables’ With New Stickers Beacon Hardware

[youtube] The Internet of Things gets a lot of hype, but its rollout is slow and it will take a long time for consumers to upgrade exis

Estimote, Knoll Partner To Bring iBeacons Into Office Space Planning

betaworks-backed Estimote has today announced a partnership with Knoll to bring its iBeacon platform to the office space planning company. Estimote, a Disrupt and YC alum, offers a platform for de

iBeacons Aren’t Just For Retail: Placed Lets You Use Them As iPhone Quick Launchers At Home

[vimeo 83200227 w=640 h=360] There has been a lot of talk about iBeacons since they launched with iOS 7 last fall, but much of the focus has been on how they benefit retailers and add to the in-store

A Look At The iBeacon Store Of The Future With Retail Startup Thirdshelf

At this year’s Dx3 digital business expo, Montreal-based Thirdshelf had a fully functional demonstration retail store with iBeacon proximity based shopper customization in place. The demo store

iBeacon Pioneers Estimote Raise $3.1M Seed Round

Jakub Krzych, founder of <a href="">Estimote</a>, has announced a $3.1 million seed round raise from Innovation Endeavors, Betaworks, Bessemer Venture Partners, Birc

Estimote Details iOS 7 iBeacon Support For Its Contextual Proximity Shopping Devices

Estimote, a Y Combinator graduate and Hardware Alley exhibitor here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, was able to talk about something today that it's never been able to before: how its product will work

Estimote Wins Best Hardware Startup At TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Manufacturing and logistics giant PCH International alongside hardware incubator Highway1 have announced that <a target="_blank" href="">Estimote</a>, a tool for helping retail spac

Y Combinator Summer 2013 Demo Day, Batch 2: Meet Meta, Lob, Amulyte, Weilos And More

Just as the wheels of time continue to turn, the 49 new startups out of Y Combinator continue to churn. Batch One is now behind us, and a new group of startups are taking the stage. As per usual, T

Estimote Creator Talks About Building An “OS For The Physical World”

Estimote’s first prototype looked like a parrot. They designed it to sit in stores and count the humans entering and leaving the location and could register their paths through the aisles and ev