• Esper Helps Assistants Manage Their Bosses’ Time

    Esper Helps Assistants Manage Their Bosses’ Time

    We’ve seen startups try to replace or automate the work of executive assistants, but Esper is trying to do something different — it aims to help those assistants make smarter decisions. Esper CEO Andrew Lee was previously founder at JamLegend and then, post-acquisition, a product manager at Zynga. The company has raised $2 million from Joe Lonsdale (a founder at Palantir… Read More

  • Video: Esper Contactless Dominoes

    Researchers from Japan’s Institute of Media Arts and Sciences have developed dominoes that topple without touching. Dubbed “Esper”, the tiles feature built-in Zigbee modules for wireless communication between each other and acceleration sensors and tabs in the bottom that make the dominoes fall over. Read More