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Human Capital: Coinbase and Clubhouse aside, Ethel’s Club founder wants to take us ‘Somewhere Good’

Welcome back to Human Capital, a weekly digest about diversity, inclusion and the human labor that powers tech. This week, we’re looking at a number of topics because a lot went down. Coinbase C

Crunch Report | Big Layoff Coming to AOL and Yahoo

Big layoff coming to AOL and Yahoo after the merger, Microsoft buys Hexadite, Erica Baker is now director of engineering at Kickastarter and Essential raises $300 Million. All this on Crunch Report.

Kickstarter hires Slack’s Erica Baker as director of engineering

Erica Baker, an engineer and outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, is leaving her job at Slack, and moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Brooklyn to work in an engineering leade

Tackling systemic racism

Discussions around diversity and inclusion in the tech industry are not going away. Not on my watch. Earlier today, I sat down with Erica Baker, an engineer at Slack, and Ellen Pao, formerly of Reddi

Tech has more of an exclusion problem than a culture problem

The tech industry’s diversity problems are exacerbated by its obsession with genius coders and brilliant founders, Carissa Romero, a partner at the diversity consulting startup Paradigm, said

Meet The People Vying For The First-Ever Diversity Crunchie Award

In case you haven't noticed, diversity and inclusion are really important in tech, which is why we've stepped up our diversity coverage and have decided to present the first-ever award for diversity,

Slack’s Erica Baker On Hiring A Head Of Diversity And The Need For Inclusion In Tech

Over the last year, Slack engineer Erica Baker has become a well-known advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Although she started at Slack as a build and release engineer, her rol