• Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM, with HP and ASUS promising 20+ hours of battery life

    Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM, with HP and ASUS promising 20+ hours of battery life

    Windows laptops and tablets have traditionally run on X86 processors from the likes of Intel and AMD. Microsoft experimented with using ARM-based processors when it launched the Surface RT and Windows RT in 2012 — and it cost the company dearly. Fast-forward to today and Microsoft is ready to give ARM on laptops another try. Read More

  • Who Needs Original Content? OUYA To Launch With Nintendo 64, SNES And NES Emulation Support

    Who Needs Original Content? OUYA To Launch With Nintendo 64, SNES And NES Emulation Support

    The OUYA Android-based gaming console is getting ready for its debut: the stated beginning shipping date for Kickstarter backers is March 28. At launch, it sill isn’t clear exactly how many software titles the console will offer, but a new report suggests that at the very least, early backers will have emulators to play with on the small, inexpensive console. Read More

  • Is IBM splitting hairs with open source?

    It’s no secret that I’m a big Free Software fan. It’s no secret that IBM is a giant company with more money than I can possibly imagine. So I was pretty happy in 2005 when IBM, in an obvious PR stunt to get buddy-buddy with the open source community, made its Statement of Non-Assertion of Named Patents Against OSS, ostensibly saying that it would permit open source projects… Read More

  • Flash cartridge for SNES lets you get your ROM on

    You’re familiar with the flash carts that Nintendo is waging a questionably successful war on, yes? Basically they just read from a ROM file and tell the console or handheld what it would hear if that game were actually in the slot. They work quite well and pirating games is unbelievably easy, so you can see why Nintendo would be worried. For the SNES, though, I doubt there will be quite… Read More

  • Another Nintendo-ish USB controller for your perusal

    Brando presents us with the Buffalo USB Nintendo PC Game Pad. Priced at $22 plus $3 shipping, it’s a somewhat enticing purchase given the fact that it’s made by a pretty well known company as opposed to other more gray-market Nintendo USB gamepads. Read More

  • Nice Doggie: Puppy Arcade 7 available

    Of all the wonderful uses for Linux, gaming hasn’t traditionally been one of its stronger suits. But as we all know, old console emulators provide eons of entertainment and said emulators run across a variety of operating systems. And so there’s Puppy Arcade, a derivation of the small-footprint, runs-on-just-about-any-hardware Puppy Linux. Read More

  • Atari-style USB joystick sports built-in emulator

    At first glance, $30 may seem like a lot for a one-button old school Atari joystick with a USB connection. But this one comes with the Stella Atari 2600 and 80 games built right in and you can remove the USB controller board for use with that MAME cabinet you’ve always wanted to build. There’s even labeled solder points on the board for adding additional buttons. Read More

  • Review: Cheap portable media player with built-in NES emulator

    Behold! A portable convergence device from faraway lands! It plays music, it plays videos, it takes photos, it’s an e-book reader, a dictionary, a notepad, it slices, it dices, it does it all! But none of that matters. None of it. Why? Because this little $30 gem plays NES games. And so we dance… Read More

  • Need, not want: Counter-top NES arcade cabinet

    We’ll go ahead and file this one under “Things I Want In My House” and tuck it away in the filing cabinet for later perusal. Here’s a counter-top Nintendo arcade that basically consists of an XP machine running a NES emulator, all connected to a 17-inch LCD housed inside a custom-built cabinet made of MDF. Read More

  • GP2X Wiz handheld gaming emulator reviewed

    Remember the GP2X I wrote about a couple weeks ago? It’s been reviewed by Rob at Boing Boing Gadgets. The verdict: pricey, but pretty much totally worth it if you’ve got the moolah. Read More

  • GP2X handheld gaming emulator now selling at ThinkGeek

    The GP2X handheld gaming emulator gets a little more mainstream this week as a product now available from ThinkGeek.com. Read More

  • Palm Pre gets a NES emulator!

    Got a Pre? Like Nintendo? If you fit in the overlapping intersection of that particular Venn diagram, then have I got some good news for you. Some enterprising individuals over at the Pre Dev Wiki have gotten a NES emulator up and running on the Palm Pre. Read More

  • Video: Windows Vista running on the PS3, slowly

    You can now run Windows Vista on the PS3. More accurately, you can emulate Windows Vista on the PS3; “now” is also somewhat inaccurate, as the emulation is so slow it takes some 25 minutes for the operating system to boot up. It works by running Qemu on Linux on the PS3, then running Vista in Qemu. The whole process takes about a day to get up and running. Reminds me of kids trying… Read More

  • WANT: Portable SNES

    That’s a SNES you’re looking at up there. The portablized version is detailed over at benheck.com forums. Lots of photos from every angle show the creation in all its glory. Nicely done. Power is provided by internal lithium batteries, (two 3.7v 4250 mAh tied in series) which take 2.5 hours to charge. Shoulder buttons got mapped to the back as triggers. AV and headphone jacks… Read More

  • Old NES cartridge modded into portable emulator

    Ah nostalgia. An enterprising individual over at the BenHeck forums has “basically cannibalized a OneStation” into an old NES cartridge that runs on three N-cell batteries (commonly found in certain scientific calculators). The innards of the cartridge house a 99-in-1 chip which should provide nearly endless hours of entertainment and contain most of your favorite NES… Read More

  • Old 486 desktop + ingenuity = dedicated NES emulator

    Here’s something I didn’t cover in my Emulation Orientation a few weeks back, though I did mention NESticle. A couple guys have decided the most noble job for a venerable 486 is to run the venerable NES emulator full time, complete with controller ports. Find out how they did it here (good luck with doing it yourself). Of course, there are much, much easier ways to go about this. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Orientation: Emulators

    Part 1: Which emu is right for yu? I love old games. They’re a part of my history and there are a ton that really do hold up years later. I’m playing through X-COM and Chrono Trigger right now, and regularly test my skills at Kung Fu, Mega Man 2, and Ninja Gaiden. Friends, co-workers, and strangers, when they catch me in the act, are always seized by a strange mix of revulsion… Read More

  • Solar-powered handheld with built-in NES emulation

    Portable NES and Game Boy emulation without having to stop for batteries? I like. You can also use the solar panels to recharge your cell phone and other small devices. There’s a 3.5-inch screen (320×240), 2GB of internal storage plus the ability to add a 2GB SD card, MP3 player, video player, and e-book reader. All for $123. It’s actually being sold as a 2GB MP3 player but… Read More

  • NES Emulator Hits The iPhone

    BITCHIN’! Now you finally have a reason to get an iPhone! Sure, it may not have 3G or Adobe Flash support, but that’s fine. Someone made an NES emulator for the iPhone that actually loads up and works. It’s currently too slow for anyone to play game on it, but that’s not the point. Soon, everyone will be busting out some Bubble Bobble when they’re bored on a bus… Read More

  • MAME Devs Decrypt CPS III, Street Fighter III Playable Soon

    The MAME guys cracked Capcom’s CPS III encryption about a week ago and have made a startling amount of progress since then. (In fact, I just grabbed a bunch of CPS III dumps from Usenet in preparation for the moment when a Mac OS X port is released.) CPS III was the hardware that all 600 versions of Street Fighter III ran on but wasn’t compatible with the MAME emulator until last week. Read More