Technology doesn’t have to be disposable

Dust off your old Bose 501 speakers. New devices are coming that will give traditional audio equipment a voice. Amazon recently announced a mess of new Echo devices and among the lot are several small

Edifier’s S350DB speakers: modern sound with an old-school style

Let’s be honest, if you use a receiver as the hub of your home entertainment system, you probably only use about a quarter of the buttons, dials and inputs on it, at most. Not everyone needs all the

Edifier Luna5 Speakers: Giant and bulbous

Speakers galore tonight. The Luna5 iPod dock sounds pretty good but looks great. That big weird thing on top is the speaker itself and it blasts out quite a bit of noise when you need it to. More pics

The Edifier MP300 Plus portable speakers

Edifier surprisued us with a set of cool portable speakers in a tube that you can carry with you anywhere you go. The kit comes with a carry case and power adapter.