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Ask Sophie: How long until I can travel while waiting for my green card?

To qualify for a EB-1A green card, I'll need to travel internationally frequently for business. Once I apply, will I be stuck in the U.S.?

Ask Sophie: What are my options if a company rescinds my OPT job offer?

I'm an international student graduating this month, but the company I was supposed to start working for on OPT has rescinded my job offer.

Ask Sophie: Can I apply for an EB-1A without first getting an O-1A?

What do you think about applying for an EB-1A straight away without first using the O-1A as a stepping stone?

Ask Sophie: Will I be allowed into the US if my passport expires in 5 months?

I’m planning to stay in the U.S. for a couple of months, but I just realized that my passport expires in September. Should I delay my trip?

Track the right metrics to improve your developers’ work experience

Here are the steps any tech company can take to better understand and improve their developers’ experience.

Should you post that you’re #OpenToWork? A tale of two labor markets

We compared pass/fail rates in our users’ mock interviews with whether users marked themselves as #OpenToWork on their LinkedIns. Here are the results.

DocuSign could be suffering from a pandemic growth hangover

DocuSign was flying during the pandemic when people couldn't meet in person, but it might have grown too quickly, and it's paying the price.

3 recruiting metrics that can help startups make more data-driven hiring decisions

To make fewer mistakes, founders should adopt a more data-driven approach to hiring. Tracking these three metrics is a great place to start.

The layoffs will continue until (investor) morale improves

We're seeing lots of tech layoffs, but evidence suggests that they do more harm than good both for employee morale and long-term performance.

Creating remote work rituals that stick

Any organization hoping to scale can create rituals that engage people in their work and inspire them to be their best selves.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Gable’s $12M Series A deck

There’s a lot to celebrate in Gable’s deck, and it does a good job walking through the company's challenges. But it isn't perfect.

Mapping out the future of AR, ThirdEye is taking on Google and Microsoft in real-life scenarios

ThirdEye's second-gen X2 MR glasses can be used for various sectors, including health care and manufacturing.

Tech layoffs are creating a new era of scrappy (and humbled) founders

An emerging class of founders is reminding the ecosystem how collapse can be an activator.

The tech jobs market might not be as shaky as it feels

With all the tech layoffs lately, it's easy to think that the market has tightened, but we found that the jobs market remains robust.

Data hints at the value of startup offices

Data looks at whether having an office, at the earliest stages of company-building, truly does impact the bottom line.

Laid off from your crypto job? Here’s what founders are looking for in new talent

Layoffs continue to spread across the crypto job market, but there are still plenty of startups looking to hire new candidates.

Startups should expect more scrutiny from VCs on their hiring plans

Startups should be prepared to explain why they are hiring certain positions and justify why those roles shouldn't be outsourced.

The #MyTechBestfriend fallout continues

There are now allegations against tech boot camp MyTechBestfriend of possible fraud, FBI involvement and, well, voodoo.

Frequent conflict is a new requirement for startup leaders

Leadership coach Karla Monterroso talks about layoffs, conflict and management amid a downturn.

Strategic warfare: How to hire and retain top analytics talent

There is no panacea to guarantee that top talent will stick around in an organization, but you can try a few things to boost retention.
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