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These founders want a more ethical company structure for startups

Called Regenerative and Circular Operations, this organizational model aims to be a practical approach to integrating sustainability at the core.

Thea Energy raises $20M Series A for pixel-inspired fusion power plants

The startup is betting that software can supplant manufacturing precision in its quest to deliver reliable, inexpensive fusion power.

Amperesand raises $12.5M seed round to remake the humble 140-year-old transformer

Transformers are everywhere on the electrical grid, and they'll need new tech to realize the "internet of power."

Haven Energy lands $7M Series A 9 months after its seed round

The startup's platform helps speed the installation of batteries to back up home and small commercial solar installations.

Latest room-temperature claims met with heaps of skepticism

Swiss startup Terra Quantum says it has discovered a form of graphite that superconducts. But other researchers aren't convinced.

Exxon throws a fit over shareholders exercising their rights

The oil supermajor filed a lawsuit in federal court asking for permission to ignore a shareholder resolution, sidestepping the SEC.

Lamborghini licenses MIT’s new high-capacity, fast-charging organic battery tech

Researchers have been scrambling to find alternative materials for lithium-ion batteries, from manganese to sodium. Now they might have another: TAQ.

BMW’s future growth depends on EVs, and it’s finally going all in

The German automaker previously wavered on EVs. But after posting strong EV sales in 2023, it's appears to have made up its mind.

Northvolt’s $5B debt deal should be a wake-up call for the US battery industry

The U.S. battery industry has surged in the wake of the IRA, but it still lacks a domestic anchor like Northvolt.

As more than $1 trillion flows into climate tech, incentive-tracking apps find firm footing

Climate tech is suddenly so awash in cash that there are a number of websites, apps and startups rushing to track all the incentives available.

Hertz is selling its EVs because it botched the rollout for ride-share drivers

Hertz said in an SEC filing that it would be selling 20,000 of its EVs and replacing them with fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Hyundai’s hydrogen Hail Mary

Hyundai said in its CES 2024 keynote it will produce 3 million tons of hydrogen for its steel mills by 2030. That's not particularly impactful, even if it follows through.

EV sales remained strong in Q4. They could have been stronger

All automakers, including Tesla, are at a crossroads. How should they invest their money?

Is the latest near-room-temperature superconductor legit? Don’t count on it

This new material picks up where LK-99 left off, which isn’t really an auspicious starting point.

Climate tech might be the hot job market in 2024

While much of the tech world has been besieged by layoffs, climate tech continued to hire. Next year looks no different.

The TechCrunch+ surveys you need to read ahead of 2024

There was a lot to talk about this year, and investors and founders sure did share their thoughts freely with us in our surveys.

Australia’s climate tech industry is booming, but it could bust without funds

To date, $435 million has been invested into Aussie climate tech startups from international investors.

EV fast-charging networks face a challenging 2024

The EV world, from a charging perspective, was previously split in two. There was Tesla and then there was everyone else.

Electric vehicle charging startup EVCS is raising $20M

If successful, the new round could be a step up from the $18.8M Series A EVCS raised in July 2022. But it could also represent a tempering of expectations.

Deal Dive: Training the workforce for the clean energy transition

Montamo hires and trains people to work in the clean energy transition with an emphasis on helping migrants build a new career.
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