• Prepared food distribution service Power Supply rebrands as Territory and raises $6.7 million

    Prepared food distribution service Power Supply rebrands as Territory and raises $6.7 million

    If you thought the world didn’t need another prepared food distribution and delivery service, apparently you’d be wrong, as the newly minted startup Territory has managed to pull in $6.7 million for its healthier eating options. The company formerly known as Power Supply raised the money as it looks to expand to new geographies and consolidate its position in its current markets. Read More

  • The 'Go Plate' facilitates outdoor food and beverage enjoyment

    Even though summer has been effectively cancelled for certain areas of the country, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy an all-American barbecue. You’ll just have to cook everything on the stove and eat inside. Just like summer, except more like winter! Read More

  • Make your own cotton candy! Out of Mambas! Oh, it’s darling! How can you not want one of these? It turns hard candy (mm, sour apple Jolly Ranchers) into cotton candy — a direct violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics! I’m not sure Mambas qualify… Read More

  • Go Plate saves you the struggle of making two trips to the kitchen

    Ok, at first glance I thought this was a dumb idea; by putting a hole in the middle of the plate there is less room for food! Simple math; less food = less food. Then I realized that food on the floor is not worth anything – there is no five-second rule in my house – and that’s where food ends up every time I try to ferry it from kitchen to table. No joke, every time… Read More

  • Competitive eating, coming to a console near you

    [photopress:Kobayashi.jpg,full,left]Forget Madden 08, the sports game you should look forward to for your console will feature Major League Eating. No, really. Major League Eating is the governing body over sanctioned eating contests. You’ve seen them on ESPN 5, and soon you’ll be able to capture that excitement on your Xbox. Or PS3. Or, god help us, Wii. Mastiff Consumes Video… Read More