Go Plate saves you the struggle of making two trips to the kitchen

Ok, at first glance I thought this was a dumb idea; by putting a hole in the middle of the plate there is less room for food! Simple math; less food = less food.

Then I realized that food on the floor is not worth anything – there is no five-second rule in my house – and that’s where food ends up every time I try to ferry it from kitchen to table. No joke, every time something ends up on the floor. You would think I would learn and just make two trips, but I just don’t do things that way. Walking is hard work.

So there I am trying to balance a plate of food along with a drink, napkin, silverware and obligatory bottle of hot sauce. Something has to give. Since I’m not changing my ways, perhaps I’ll let the plate change instead. Simply carry the drink and food in one hand and all the other stuff (including remote control) in the other. Problem solved. Thank you Go Plate!

via Cooking Gadgets