e3 2011

  • We're Going Live From E3's Show Floor at 12:00 PDT!

    Thanks to the wonders of Ustream, we will be broadcasting live video from the floor of E3. Jon Orlin and John Murillo from TCTV are here with the same magical backpack we used at CES to bring that show to the interwebs. We’ll be taking questions, comments, and suggestions live using the #e3crunchgear hashtag. While I’ll make no promises, we’ll do our best to vist the booths… Read More

  • Nintendo Announces The Wii U, A Unique Controller/Console Combo

    Nintendo just announced the Wii U, a new console/controller combo that includes a large, touchscreen controller with control buttons similar to those found on current Wii controllers. The system is considerably upgraded over the Wii and you can use the Wii U controller in many “unique” (hence the U) ways. The graphics are truly next-gen and this firmly places Nintendo in with the… Read More

  • Sony Officially Announces Playstation Vita Handheld (With AT&T Partnership) UPDATE: Pricing!

    The Next-Generation Portable we’ve been hearing about for a good five months now has finally been owned up to by Sony. It is, as rumors had it, called the Playstation Vita, and the many features we’ve heard about (dual touchscreens, cameras, Near, and so on) are all official. All the specs and stuff were already detailed back in January, but we’re just now seeing the… Read More

  • Sony Announces New 3D Monitor And Glasses In $500 PS3 Gaming Bundle

    Sony has just announced a brand new 24-inch 3D HD display designed by them specifically for gaming. It uses active shutter glasses to produce 3D, and I’m guessing from the size and terminology that it’s 720p. It comes with one pair of glasses, a 6-foot HDMI cable, and one of the major 3D games that’s launching this year (Resistance 3 is pictured). The whole package is… Read More

  • Sony: "30% Of Netflix Traffic Comes From Playstation"

    According a Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, 30% of Netflix’s video traffic comes from Sony devices, primarily PS3s. The news came at Sony’s E3 press conference where they also apologized for the extensive PSN outage. Read More

  • SCEA's Jack Tretton Talks About PSN Outage: "I Apologize"

    SCEA’s CEO Jack Tretton took to the stage today to talk about the PSN outage that has effected the gaming platform’s online play for the past weeks. Tretton thanked the PS3 supporters and reported that network activity was at 90% and that the company is “committed” to the PSN experience. He described the PS3 and new NGP platforms as dedicated to network play. He gave… Read More

  • We're Live At Sony's Massive E3 2011 Press Conference!

    Talk about buzz. This whole crowd is just sitting here, wondering if Sony, the almighty Sony, will actually acknowledge the massive data breach. No one is talking about the NGP, PS3, of course not the Move. Nope, it seems to be all about the hacking — and the tasty food Sony’s providing served up by some trendy L.A. food trucks. Will Sony admit responsibility, out the people… Read More

  • Nyko Shows Off Its Kinect And 3DS Accessories For E3

    Want to experience the joy of Kinect, but happen to have a small living room? Nyko wants to help you out. They also want to help you out if you are in any way unhappy with your 3DS. Well, no, it can’t actually make the 3D “sweet spot” bigger, but their new accessories do help in other ways. Read More

  • Battlefield 3 Hits Stores On October 25

    EA’s been teasing Battlefield 3 for the last few months with demos and gameplay clips and it’s finally launching. The latest incarnation of EA’s long-standing shooter franchise is hitting this fall — October 25th, to be exact. Select fans will be able to get a taste of Battlefield 3 bit early when the multi-platform beta drops this coming September. Click through for… Read More

  • Microsoft Finally Announces Serious Kinect Games For Serious Gamers — Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Even Minecraft

    Alright, finally. Microsoft released the Kinect last year with games that turned out to be to nothing more than virtual parlor games. But today at the company’s E3 2011 presser, they took the wraps off the first round of games that finally seem to be meant for gamers — you know, gamers as in people that enjoy virtual killing and such. The headliner? Oh it must be Star Wars Kinect. Read More

  • Kinect Fun Labs: Try Out Crazy Kinect Experiments

    Kinect Fun Labs is a demo system for new Kinect technologies. For example, a new system called Kinect Me creates an avatar that looks just like you. You capture your face and hair and clothing and then it creates an avatar that looks just like you. Read More

  • Kinect Brings Disneyland To Your Living Room

    This one is just for the kids: Microsoft just announced that Disneyland – the whole thing – is coming to Kinect. You can walk through the park and then go on immersive rides including Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan. They had four kids on stage who were flailing about madly inside little croquet balls on stage. Very funny stuff. A few more shots after the jump. Read More

  • Live: Meet The New Xbox 360 Games For 2011

    Microsoft just announced the line-up for 2011/2012 and it’s pretty exciting. The best stuff? Two Halo games and two AAA games including the long-awaited Kinect Star Wars and the real cloud-pleaser, Halo 4. I will update this post as games are shown/announced. Read More

  • We're Live At Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference!

    Here we are, live in the heart of USC’s Galen Center, as we wait for Microsoft to kick of E3 2011 in a big way. We’re expecting big things from Microsoft this year. But will it be Kinect big? Last year Microsoft used this very venue with a bit of help from Cirque du Soleil to announce the company’s – can I say revolutionary? – motion controller. But will 2011 be… Read More

  • Halo 4, Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central 2 (And More) Outed In Xbox Website Slip-Up

    A couple of the team are in line at the Galen Center, waiting for admission to Microsoft’s big E3 press conference, but as with last year, the secrets were too big to hold for some. Or, more likely, someone got their east coast/west coast timing messed up (I’m as guilty of this as anyone) and pubbed some updates at 9:30AM Eastern time instead of Pacific. What beans were spilled? Read More

  • We're (Almost) Live At E3 2011 In Los Angeles

    The biggest gaming convention in the US is about to be underway here at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and we’re covering it live. We’ll have video streams, posts, and direct feed from the latest games, as well as interviews and the inevitable “bloggers at bars” footage. It can all be found at our E3 2011 tag, soon to be bursting with gaming flavor. We expect… Read More