Cowboy allays e-bike riders’ greatest fears with on-demand repairs and tune-ups

Cowboy is rolling out a new repairs and service program designed to give its e-bike riders more ways to keep their wheels on the road. The new service option is more reassurance to European Cowboy rid

UK startup BackPedal uses GPS tracking to reclaim stolen e-bikes

New e-bike models keep coming off production lines with GPS tracking enabled, with the idea that such tech will deter theft and help you recover your bike if it gets stolen. But how exactly does knowi

VanMoof makes a move: Lavoie acquires the e-bike startup out of bankruptcy for ‘tens of millions’ of euros

VanMoof, the flashy e-bike startup that skidded into bankruptcy this summer, has gotten back on its bike, so to speak. Today it was announced that Lavoie, which makes electric scooters, has acquired t

VanMoof, the e-bike startup, officially declared bankrupt in The Netherlands

Another grim stage for VanMoof, the e-bike startup backed by venture capitalists to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. After making a last-hour effort to stave off bankruptcy last week, the

Van-oof! E-bike startup VanMoof, unable to pay bills, files for payment deferment in Holland

UPDATE: VanMoof has confirmed its application for a suspension of payment and the temporary shutdown of its physical stores. The startup said it would provide more updates shortly.  E-bike startup Va

Everything you need to know about e-bike battery fires

The e-bike revolution started with the pandemic and has been hailed as the answer to everything from traffic congestion to greenhouse gas emissions to fitness to depression. Indeed, it has the potenti

VanMoof, the e-bike darling, skids off track: Sales paused, execs depart

Dutch e-bike startup VanMoof sped into the mobility world with more than $200 million from a list of big-name investors and an ambitious, trendy spin on two-wheeled electric travel: sleek e-bikes desi

The best e-bikes for every type of rider and where Chinese EV makers are headed

Welcome back to The Station, your central hub for all past, present and future means of moving people and packages from Point A to Point B. Reporter Rebecca Bellan is back in the driver’s seat t

The best electric bikes in 2023 for every type of rider

With summer well underway and a federal e-bike incentive back on the Congress floor, it’s time to start thinking about electric bikes — and what might be the best one for you and your lifestyl

VanMoof updates its last-gen e-bikes with simplified X4 and S4 models

Dutch e-bike maker VanMoof is refreshing its entry-level lineup with a pair of new bikes available in some very springy colors. The X4 and S4, out this month, retain the frame and philosophy of VanMoo

Grubhub, Joco team up to give NYC delivery workers access to e-bikes

Grubhub is launching a pilot program with Joco, a docked e-bike rental platform based in New York City, to provide at least 500 gig delivery workers with free access to e-bikes. Ensuring that delivery

How Swytch used ‘crowdshopping’ to scale without VC money

Swytch offers regular bike riders a way to turn their existing bike into something with a little more oomph.

How a proposed federal e-bike incentive could lead to fewer battery fires

As electric bikes grow in popularity, the number of deadly fires caused by faulty lithium-ion batteries has also risen. One of the main culprits? Cheap e-bikes delivered from non-reputable, overseas c

Upway launches online marketplace for refurbished e-bikes in US

Upway, the French startup that refurbishes and resells electric bikes across a range of brands, launched in the U.S. Tuesday. The company will focus its efforts on the Northeast region of the country,

Rad Power Bikes launches next-gen e-bike, cargo accessories

Rad Power Bikes is focused on popularizing electric utility bikes for the consumer market. The company launched its next-generation RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike Wednesday alongside a host of new cargo acce

Superstrata e-bike review: Rebel without a cause

Superstrata’s e-bike is a strange specimen — there’s no two ways about it. The bike’s concept, borne out in seamless 3D-printed carbon fiber, springs from an equally strange premise. We’ll g

E-bike subsidies, consolidation and IPOs: Our 2023 micromobility predictions

This was a tumultuous year for micromobility, both within the shared and private spheres. As we predicted last year, 2022 brought with it a rise in the sale of electric bikes, the adoption of smarter

Dat Bike gets another $8M to put more e-bikes on Vietnam’s roads

Dat Bike is on a mission to put more electric bikes on Vietnam’s roads. The startup said today it has raised $8 million led by returning investor Singapore-based firm Jungle Ventures, just seven mon

How Rad Power Bikes stacks up for a boomer and a millennial

Rad Power Bikes, the U.S.-based e-bike manufacturer, has made its mark as a direct-to-consumer business selling fat-tire bikes that helped shape the COVID e-bike boom. In 2021, the company raised two

Insurtech gets more specialized, with products just for e-bikes and factory-built homes

The ways in which we live and get around have evolved over the past few decades. For example, sales of e-bikes are outpacing sales of electric cars in the U.S., according to recent research. And pre-f
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