dynamic pricing

Marc Lore shares exclusive details on Jump Platforms, his stealth sports ticketing startup

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, serial entrepreneur Marc Lore disclosed exclusive details about a new dynamic ticketing startup, still in stealth, that he founded with former New York Yankee all-star Ale

Turn your startup’s pricing strategy into a powerful growth lever

A bad pricing model will impede growth and can even doom an otherwise promising startup, whereas a good model will capture some of the value that a product creates as revenue.

LA-based Metropolis raises $41 million to upgrade parking infrastructure

Metropolis is a new Los Angeles-based startup that’s looking to compete with BMW-owned ParkMobile for a slice of the automated parking lot management market. Upgrading parking with a computer vi

RideGuru includes driver payouts in its price comparison service for ride hailing apps

When you hail a cab via an on-demand app there's more to consider than how much it's going to cost you. How much the driver is getting paid is something you might want to think about, given how conten

Uber switches out surge for price transparency

No more pop-ups asking you to agree to those murky “2.1x” (or some other “x” amount) surge fares on the Uber app. Soon Uber will just tell you the price of your ride up front.

Rainmaker Group Raises $33.8M For Data Services That Optimizes Profits By Forecasting Supply And Demand

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.letitrain.com/">The Rainmaker Group</a>, a company founded in 1998, has accepted its first investment -- $33.8 million  from Norwest Venture Partners that the Atla