• DTV coupon time is over! Many of you didn't care, apparently

    The government mailed out 64 million $40 coupons for DTV conversion. The program ended on the 9th, with 35 million of the coupons used. How can this be? There must be at least half a billion TVs in the US, and a lot of those households or stores needed to upgrade to digital. Do they not like free money? Did they get theirs through magic, or a secret non-government program? If… Read More

  • Digital TV converter coupons running out

    As we quickly approach the Dec. 31st deadline to order a $40 TV converter box coupon, last-minute coupon requests are quickly depleting the subsidy program funds. Read More

  • Gov't now offering $40 to future-proof Grandma's TV

    While I’m sure this won’t effect most CG readers, hop online and get your $40 certificate for a digital to analog converter for Grandma’s old CRT TV or Dad’s TV in the garage. The Essentially, all analog television broadcasts will cease on February 17. 2009 and this box with convert digital signals to analog and many even add closed-captioning and other cool features… Read More