• Drobo Drops Out Another Two DAS Enclosures, The Mini And The 5D

    Drobo Drops Out Another Two DAS Enclosures, The Mini And The 5D

    Drobo has just released two new drives, the svelte Dobo Mini and the beefier 5D. The Mini is a four-disk enclosure that takes 2.5” laptop drives and it can automatically set up and and format them for maximum capacity or full redundancy. The Mini is much thinner than the other members of the Drobo family and supports Thunderbolt as well as USB 3.0. You can also add flash storage as a sort… Read More

  • Drobo Takes Aim At Small Businesses With New 12-Bay Version

    Over the years we’ve seen Drobo expand its portfolio of devices from a strictly consumer-oriented lineup to a broader and more business-friendly one. October’s DroboPro FS made a beeline for small businesses by mashing up its networking-centric FS series with the 8-drive Pro series. And now they’re taking that a step further with the 12-bay version of the same. There’s… Read More

  • New DroboPro FS Is An 8-Drive NAS For Your Serious Backup Needs

    Another year, another Drobo. Well, this time around it’s not really that new, but it’s still noteworthy. You probably remember the NAS-focused Drobo FS and the giant 8-drive DroboPro, right? Well, sometimes when two storage solutions love each other very much… you get the idea. Read More

  • New Drobo FS focuses on sharing and cloud access

    The kids over at Data Robotics are gracing us with a new creation. Satisfied that they’ve got personal storage covered with the Drobo 2 and Drobo Pro, they are now focusing on how to get that information out of your living room or office and into the cloud. The Drobo FS is their attempt to make the venerable storage solution a better choice for people who need access to their their… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $150 off a Drobo

    We love Drobo. We like all those other NASes as well, but we still think Drobo is the best looking and probably the most capable. The recently released DroboPro took it into crazy town with its spacious eight-drive capability, but the original flavor Drobo (or rather, Drobo V2) is still the one to get for your home storage and backup needs. Of course, the $500 price tag has always put off… Read More

  • Data Robotics releases planet-crushing 8-drive Drobo Pro

    In the wide world of NASes, the Drobo is still my sweetheart. It’s foolproof, sexy, and there are even cool apps for it now. They refreshed it a while ago but I knew they had to have something more up their collective sleeve. Indeed they did, and it’s the Drobo Pro. Now, just so we’re clear, it’s pretty much exactly what it looks like: a Drobo that holds 8 drives. That… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Drobo on the cheap

    Just in time for the economic downturn and holidays, Drobo has announced they’ve slashed prices on their 2TB and 4TB packages. Many thanks to Western Digital for providing the Drobo folks with 1TB GreenPower drives on the cheap. The price of the driveless Drobo remains the same, but the 2TB bundle is now $749 while the 4TB giant is $999. But, Drobo didn’t think that was good enough… Read More

  • DroboApps: exactly what it sounds like

    So you got yourself a Drobo. It’s great, right? But, you think, I’ve got this little robot storing things for me. It reorganizes my data, it does intelligent backup. Why can’t we teach it a few new tricks? They’re way ahead of you over at Drobo HQ, where they’re launching DroboApps, a collection of applications that run on Drobo which have been cooked up by… Read More

  • Drobo 2 revealed: Dual FireWire 800 ports!

    We’ve been over the Drobo a few times, as well a couple of alternatives (I like this one), and I’ve always considered it a good product with one major drawback: it’s only USB 2.0. For people doing video editing or frequently copying super-big files, this meant unacceptable wait times, although for everyone else it was a jolly good backup system. Well, Data Robotics heard… Read More

  • Drobo's got a posse – a developer posse

    In case the charms of the Drobo aren’t enough for you, Data Robotics has started up a development community for creating apps and extensions for everyone’s favorite RAID-bot. There are already a few things up there, including: UPnP capability for streaming to your 360, media center, or whatever, and a couple utilities to make Drobo more usable on Linux or tweak its behavior in… Read More

  • Drobo shacks up with Western Digital: special multi-terabyte offers!

    In case you missed our recent review of the Drobo and Droboshare, they come highly recommended, and if you’re looking to take the plunge, now is probably the best time ever. Data Robotics has teamed up with Western Digital and they’re bundling up to four terabytes of WD’s new GreenPower storage with new Drobo systems for pretty solid prices. 1TB drives are going for between… Read More

  • Review: Drobo and DroboShare

    Drobo phone home
    Most of you have probably heard of Drobo, the data storage robot/system from Data Robotics. We’ve done a review of the original Drobo here on CrunchGear, but recently Drobo was updated with a little brother named DroboShare, which painlessly converts Drobo into a Network Attached Storage device. I’ve had one hanging out with me for several weeks now, and… Read More

  • Drobo gets a playmate

    Drobo, our favorite storage robot, now has a sidekick, the DroboShare. Couldn’t you have come up with a fancier name then that? Well, whatever. If you have a Drobo and need to share that content with others in your LAN then the DroboShare is the ideal accruement. It works with all operating systems including Home Media Centers and is the first NAS to support all major file systems, such… Read More

  • Drobo Review: Frickin' Awesome

    Drobo: Small device, big storage
    I personally use a lot of storage. Every year, I find myself buying yet another 200GB external hard drive because my iTunes library is swelling or I’ve pirated enough movies to make Paramount go bankrupt. Either way, buying multiple external drives is both expensive and annoying. For every drive I use, I’m forced to give up another USB port… Read More

  • Drobo Is A Robot With A RAID-Array

    Meet Drobo. He’s a robot and although he doesn’t look like one, he certainly can do plenty of robot-like things. The device comes with four separate drive bays and can intelligently control the data managed on them. Watching a movie on drive 1 but need to swap out the drive it’s on? No problem. Drobo will automatically swap the movie to another disk inside. There’s… Read More