Drobo Is A Robot With A RAID-Array

Meet Drobo. He’s a robot and although he doesn’t look like one, he certainly can do plenty of robot-like things. The device comes with four separate drive bays and can intelligently control the data managed on them. Watching a movie on drive 1 but need to swap out the drive it’s on? No problem. Drobo will automatically swap the movie to another disk inside. There’s also warning lights that let you know when your drives are empty or full. Drobo’s design looks decent, but if you threw some wheels on the bottom, glued some googly eyes to the front, and put some rubber funny arms on the sides, Drobo would be the most fantastic robot ever.

Although Drobo is pretty rad and seems like a decent accessory most people would consider, it’s also an expensive product. The device comes with no drives, no Ethernet support, and costs $699, which is out of the common electronics consumer’s range. If you take a look at this video on the Drobo website, you’ll get a much better idea of how this little box works and what makes it so special.

Drobo, the Smart Robot PC Storage Solution [eHome Upgrade]