Waymo’s first product will be its own on-demand ride hailing service

Waymo is firming up some of its plans around its initial go-to-market strategy for its autonomous driving technology. The company has talked about a number of potential applications of self-driving th

Roborace DevBot learns during laps in NYC

The sleek, low-slung driverless Roborace car was on display in New York City for the Formula E races this weekend, but it was the workhorse DevBot that took to the track. You can recognize DevBot by i

Study: 57% Of Consumers Worldwide Say They Would Trust Driverless Cars, 46% Would Let Their Kids Ride In Them

Cisco today announced the results of its study into consumer’s thoughts about connected and driverless cars. While a large part of the study focused on the role of technology in the car shopping

GM says we'll have driverless cars within the decade

[photopress:driverlesscar.jpg,full,center] We could be looking at driverless cars within the decade, says GM. Not only would these cars save you the aggravation of having to drive to work and to the s