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.me — 10 years and two percent of exports

Ten years ago, Montenegro became an independent country, separating from Serbia by a narrow margin of less than 1 percent of required votes in an independent referendum. This new independence meant ma

The silent evolution of domain names

The internet has come a long way since the first domain name was registered in 1985. Even longer when you consider it was only 1994 when a WIRED writer contacted McDonald’s to see if they were inter

How new domains are building better brands

New domain extensions have accumulated some pretty big numbers over the last couple of years. Collective registrations for the new GTLDs (generic top-level domains) have now surpassed 13 million, acco

China Is Making Domain Name History

Short domains have always been valuable, but if you’re a company today and want to own a short domain name, your price just became a lot higher. And I mean a lot. There is a market unfolding that ve

.Guru, .Bike, .Singles And 4 Other Domains Will Open For Business Tomorrow

If you are looking for a good domain name, your choices are about to get more interesting. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to register a .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles

GoDaddy Buys Afternic To Beef Up Its Domain Registry Marketplace

<a target="_blank" href="">GoDaddy</a> has made another acquisition, its fourth in 14 months: it has bought <a target="_blank" href="">A

Google Wants To Operate .Search As A “Dotless” Domain, Plans To Open .Cloud, .Blog And .App To Others

If it gets it, Google wants to turn .search into a “dotless domain,” the company told ICANN a few days ago. Last year, Google applied to manage the .app, .blog, .cloud and .search generic

Report: More Than 250M Domain Names Have Now Been Registered, Almost Half Are .Com And .Net

The total number of registered domain names passed 250 million in the last quarter of 2012, according to Verisign’s latest Domain Name Industry Brief. More than 6 million domain names were regis

Top Domains: Forexpros Buys For $2.45M, Launches One-Stop Financial Portal For Everyday Investors

Whether they're .com, .org, .biz or .awesome, domain names can be significant -- and some would likely argue that a memorable, premium domain is worth a pretty penny, maybe even priceless. Picking up

Top Domains: ViSalus Dishes Out $825K To Buy “” & “”

Domain names are important, and some might even say that a premium, memorable domain name is priceless. Wherever you fall, tough to argue against businesses moving to scoop up short, descriptive domai

Security Breach: Here's How Expired Domains Expose You To Embarrassment (And Theft)

<img src="" />As if you're not scared enough of the Internet (and its potential to ravage your per