• Unilever buys Dollar Shave Club for reported $1B value

    Unilever buys Dollar Shave Club for reported $1B value

    Unilever creates and captures a unicorn with its plans to acquire Dollar Shave Club. Announced this evening, the $130 billion dollar multinational consumer goods company is speculated to be paying $1 billion, all cash, for the startup, according to reports from Fortune. If the pricing is true, the transaction will be one of the largest ever in e-commerce. E-commerce is often a scary space… Read More

  • Get ready to pay more for Chinese-made electronics

    Hopefully that doesn’t say anything inappropriate Speculation at Slate today on how you may end up having to pay more for cheap goods, including electronic gizmos, coming from China. No more $30 DVD players, knock-off iPhones and no-name portable media players. We’ll have to stretch our increasingly worthless dollar (well, compared the to Euro) even further, it looks like. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: 7 video game currencies 'worth' more than US dollar

    How low will the U.S. dollar sink? The answer, according to this wonderful investigative piece in Maxim (from their sidebar: “Rachel Weisz: Nobody likes a Weisz guy. A Weisz girl, however…” However, indeed!), is “pretty damn low.” No fewer than seven video game currencies are now “worth” more than the All Mighty Dollar. The rupee from Zelda; the money… Read More