CrunchArcade: 7 video game currencies 'worth' more than US dollar


How low will the U.S. dollar sink? The answer, according to this wonderful investigative piece in Maxim (from their sidebar: “Rachel Weisz: Nobody likes a Weisz guy. A Weisz girl, however…” However, indeed!), is “pretty damn low.”

No fewer than seven video game currencies are now “worth” more than the All Mighty Dollar. The rupee from Zelda; the money from GTA III; the coin from Super Mario; Sonic’s gold ring; the Sim dollar; StarCraft’s mineral; and Adam from BioShock. The “men’s magazine” used only the most scientific methods to reach its conclusion.

For example, while $300 will get you, apparently, a crappy (yet real!) shield off eBay, you’d only need 100 rupees to buy a magical one in Zelda. Thus, 1ZR (Zelda rupee) = 3USD. Similarly, a baseball stadium in Sim City costs 1,000 Sim dollars to construct, while the Washington Nationals’ cost $611 million. Doing the math, 1SD = 611USD.

The Aristocrats!

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