Plugable’s new dock turns your tablet or phone into a workstation

Laptops and tablets are getting better and more powerful by the day but our fingers aren’t getting any more precise, and for extended writing and work, it’s still more helpful to have a ke

Brazilian fintech infrastructure company Dock closes on $110M in funding, now valued at over $1.5B

If there’s one area that has thus far felt insulated from the global venture downturn, it’s infrastructure. Companies that offer banking as a service and help other businesses offer their own fina

Dock helps sales teams build, share and recycle sales collateral microsites

When Dock co-founder and CEO Alex Kracov was working at Lattice, an HR startup, he was in charge of a marketing team of 20 people, and he noticed that as the company grew and moved up market, the sale

Apple’s Sidecar just really *gets* me, you know?

With the rollout of Apple’s public beta software previews of macOS and the new iPadOS, I’ve finally been able to experience first-hand Sidecar, the feature that lets you use an iPad as an

Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock Review

Thunderbolt is one of those tech innovations with a lot of promise, but not much felt effect for the average user. Thunderbolt docks can change that, and the new Elgato Thunderbolt 2 dock promises a m

Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD Is Port Expansion Heaven

Belkin has updated one of the few accessories designed for Thunderbolt that’s useful for the average consumer, their Thunderbolt Express Dock, and in so doing, they’ve made it even more us

The Sidekick Gives Your Pebble A Place To Rest Its Head And Recharge

The Pebble smartwatch is a great gadget in many respects, but the one thing that has always struck me as less than convenient is the fact that it uses a proprietary magnetic cable to charge. I lose sa

Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock Is The Best Damn Thing In The World

Thunderbolt, you were a tech with near unlimited promise when first introduced, but what have you done with all that power? Since my first Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, I've essentially been using the por

MacDock Wants To Expand Your MacBook Pro’s Connection Capabilities Without Added Bulk

Thunderbolt expansion docks for MacBook Pro have been slow to come to get started with offerings from Matrox and Belkin only now coming to market after lengthy delays. And they're pricey, too, at $299

Apple Looking Into 3D App And File Drawer To Extend Mac OS X Dock

A new patent application from Apple spotted by <a target="_blank" href="">Patently Apple</a>

Dock+ Aims To Keep Things Simple And Give Your iPhone 5 The Lightning Support It Needs

A new Kickstarter project launching today wants to be the first officially licensed iPhone 5 dock, and possibly the last one you'll ever need for Lightning-bearing. The Dock+ comes with Lightning supp

Finally, A Dock That Doesn’t Blink When Apple Changes iPhone Connectors Or Device Design

The update cycle of consumer electronics can <a title="Kickstarter’s Obsolescence Problem, Illustrated By A Fantastic iPhone Cable I’ll Never Use" href="

I, For One, Welcome Our iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker Overlords

With all the rumors about a new 9-pin connector on the iPhone, what could be better than a tube of bamboo that amplifies your iDevice or Android phone in a sustainable way? The iBam 2 is basically a t

A DIY iPhone Dock for your iPad

<img src="" /> Do you feel compelled to look at your iPhone while simultaneously using your iPad? Or do you jus

Altec-Lansing Octiv Duo Charges Two iPhones At A Time

Always fighting with the significant other about who gets to use the dock to charge their phone? Maybe you have a nano and a iPhone and you want to charge both, or you have a personal phone and a work

Logitech's New iPod Speakers Are Battery-Powered, Peanut-Shaped

There isn’t too much to explain here. This is Logitech’s new iPod/iPhone dock and speakers — the main thing you need to know is that it has a rechargeable internal battery so you can

Contest: iHome wants to help you wake up

<img src="" />Here's your chance to learn about and win an iHome iA5 iPhone/iPod dock with alarm clock!

iHeart: "Jewelry Box" speaker and dock for your iPhone/iPod

<img src="" /> This one is for the the ladies: A cute, heart-shaped active speaker box for the iPhone or iPod that doubles as a dock and

Yamaha's new wireless iPod Dock

A new day, a new iPod dock hits the market. But unlike the rest, this one has something new to offer. The PDX-60 introduces a new form of wireless audio transmission from Yamaha, yAired. I imagine for

DIY – A wooden hand crank iPhone dock

<img src="" />So you're finally decided that you have too much finely shaped plastic, aluminum, and steel in your life. You've got a wo
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