• TechCrunch TV Launches On Your TV

    TechCrunch TV Launches On Your TV

    TechCrunch TV is now really TechCrunch TV. When TCTV launched last year, the focus was on viewing our videos on the computer. Not on TV. Ok, we called it “TechCrunch TV” because it sounded a lot better than “TechCrunch Video”. But today, we are launching on the AOL HD platform and you can find us on your connected TV set. Our videos are live on Roku, Boxee, Divx… Read More

  • Sony Quietly Releases Streaming Netbox For Your TV

    We didn’t get an official announcement, but it looks like Sony is going to be selling their own version of a Netflix and Amazon video streaming netbox. Get this though, the Sony product plays the much wanted MKV and DivX files – something conspicuously missing from other company offerings. The Sony product (who’s name we don’t have yet) runs on wireless N, supports… Read More

  • Place Your Bets On How Long the iPad Will Play DivX

    CineXPlayer, a free app for the iPad that plays back DivX video, was just released today and should be down within the week. Why? Well, generally anything that isn’t iTunes compatible is frowned upon, leading to many “homebrew” DivX implementations in the Cydia store but no real ones. Read More

  • Sonic Solutions To Acquire DivX In $323 Million Deal

    Sonic Solutions and DivX, both listed on Nasdaq, this morning announced that they are to become one. Under the terms of the agreement, Sonic would acquire all the outstanding shares of DivX and merge DivX operations into those of Sonic. DivX stockholders would receive a combination of cash and stock equal to $3.75 in cash and 0.514 shares of Sonic common stock for each share of DivX they hold. Read More

  • The Samsung R1 is a PMP, all right

    The “anybody but iPod” crowd has another portable media player to choose from, and it’s from Samsung. It’s called the R1, and it’s your standard issue touchscreen PMP. It does play Divx-encoded video, which should be a benefit to those of you who haven’t moved into Blu-ray rips, or who enjoy watching standard-def rips of TV shows on the subway. Read More

  • JVC announces DivX-compatible Blu-ray player with USB port

    JVC Japan announced the XV-BP1 today [JP], a new Blu-ray player that comes with two interesting features and a fair price. The player supports DivX/MPEG-4/MKV/AVCHD files and sports a USB port at the front so you can plug in a USB stick with your DivX-movies (you know, the ones you downloaded legally earlier) into the device and directly start watching. Read More

  • DivX playback coming to Panasonic plasmas

    Panasonic is about to make playing back DivX a bit easier on its plasmas. The next-gen sets will be able to access the content over DLNA or SD/SDHC cards. But why do you care? Read More

  • DivX Cuts 21 People From Payroll

    More layoffs today at DivX, the publicly traded video codec supplier that recently sued Yahoo over canceling a contract that makes up as much as 20 percent of its revenue. According to a tip that came into our Layoff Tracker, 21 people were let go. I just confirmed that until-now unannounced number with DivX investor relations. It represents just under 10 percent of the workforce in San… Read More

  • DivX making its way into Samsung TVs

    Sometime in the near future, Samsung TVs are going to have DivX playback capabilities built-in. This should allow playback of the video format from a connected USB mass storage device or Ethernet connection. The certification will probably start with the top-tier models and eventually work itself down market. A handy-dandy front DivX logo should reveal wether the set is equipped with the… Read More

  • Are camera phones poised to replace point and shoots?

    How long will it be before we’re no longer forced to lug around both a camera phone and a full-fledged standalone camera, “just in case” something truly photo-worthy goes down? According to LG, not too long. At a round table event in London last week, the company’s head of marketing stated that he sees no reason why camera phones couldn’t replace point and… Read More

  • Three Pioneer Blu-ray players earn DivX cert.

    DivX is making its way into more and more CE devices. Pioneer’s latest Blu-ray players couldn’t withstand the DivX invasion and the BDP-LX71, BDP-LX08 and BDP-51FD all earned the certification that states the unit can playback high-quality DivX material. These players are already shipping worldwide, so just because yours doesn’t carry the logo on the front bezel… Read More

  • Broadcom Chip Certification earns DivX certification

    DivX will make its way into more Blu-ray players thanks to the certification of the popular Broadcom BCM7440 chip. This single chip will facilitate DivX playback on a disc or stored on a flash drive. By taking the decoding off the software suite, and placing the task on the chip, it will allow for a significant performance upgrade and smoother playback. Curious to know if your next… Read More

  • First Look: D-Link DSM-330 HD Media Player

    Here’s a five-minute look at the DSM-330 from D-Link. It’s a DivX Connected player, which basically uses your home PC for most of the menu rendering and downloading horsepower. We’ll have a full review up in the not-too-distant future. So far, I see promise in the plug-ins feature, which allows developers to create their own stuff – I installed a Digg.com thing, an HD… Read More

  • D-Link networked DivX media player now available

    DLink’s DSM-330 is now available for $299. It connects to your home networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can play back high definition DivX content on your TV using DivX Connected functionality, which basically streams DivX, Xvid, WMV, DV, MPEG-1, and MJPEG video content (various audio formats too) from your computer and also harnesses your CPU’s horsepower to make all the pretty menus. Read More

  • Disposable DVDs: Like DIVX but hopefully not sucky

    Remember DIVX? Not DivX the codec, but DIVX as in Digital Video Express — from Circuit City — the ill-fated self-destructing DVD system from lo those many years ago. A similar idea just might be able to succeed where DIVX failed. Or not, who knows? Anyway, whereas DIVX relied on special DVD players that could play DIVX discs (and also regular DVDs), a new disposable DVD coming from… Read More

  • LiveUniverse Trying To Acquire Stage6 From Divx

    After we thought the bizarre story of Stage6 was over, Brad Greenspan’s LiveUniverse has gotten involved, and the plot gets even thicker. According to a release from LiveUniverse, the company offered to acquire Stage6 prior to the site being shut by DivX 25 February. The offer was $11 million in cash & carriage plus an equity Stake in Stage6 and Promotion of DivX Software. Read More

  • Help Key: How to download off Usenet like a champ

    [photopress:usenethow.jpg,full,center] If and when the **AA have Usenet shut down after the piece appears, feel free to blame Biggs. He’s making me write it. I occasionally mention Usenet when talking about piracy here, but I’ve never really explained what it is or what it does. I’m still not going to explain what it is, technically, (that’s what Wikipedia’s for)… Read More

  • Serious Drama, And Lots Of Stupidity, Behind Stage6 Shutdown

    Yesterday San Diego based DivX announced the shutdown of popular video site Stage6, to the surprise and dismay of the site’s 17.4 million happy monthly visitors (the post on the shutdown has over 5,000 comments). There’s lots of speculation around why DivX is shutting the site down, ranging from piracy issues to the spiraling CDN costs of streaming all that HD content. But what… Read More

  • DivX Shuts Down Popular Piracy Site Stage6

    We covered Stage6, a DivX-owned site, in October 2006 as part of a roundup of up and coming video sites. The site, which allowed users to upload video in the high quality Divx format, streams video that makes YouTube look shabby in comparison. The site won’t be around long, though, Uploads have already been shut down, and the site itself will go offline on February 28. The official… Read More

  • Penny-Arcade's Div reminds us that iTunes movie rentals is a lot like DIVX

    [photopress:padivx.jpg,full,center] As always, Penny-Arcade flies above all of our stupidity to make a point: what makes the iTunes Rental service so different from DIVX, the failed disc format? That all-mighty, all-knowing Apple is behind it? That it has the support of all the studios? Are you really going to stop downloading movies from the usual places? ::Taps nose:: What Goes Around… Read More