• How Is 3D TV Doing? Some Data From Japan

    Think what you want about 3D TV, but it’s here already, and we’ve just seen the beginning. But are people actually buying the devices, as a few dozen models are now available in the US, Japan and other places? The Nikkei, Japan’s biggest business daily, recently investigated the 3D TV market in Nippon. What they found out could be of interest for the US and European markets… Read More

  • Report: Samsung No. 1 in global flat TV market, LG now on par with Sony

    What was unthinkable 10 to 20 years ago, has been reality for quite some time now: Not Japanese but Korean electronics companies are dominating the TV hardware market. American market research firm DisplaySearch says regarding shipment value, Samsung has maintained its position as the leader in the global flat-panel TV market last year. And another Korean company is becoming stronger, too. Read More

  • The World Spent $112 Billion On 205 Million TVs This Year: 69 Percent Were LCD TVs.

    LCD TVs have taken over the world. Market research firm DisplaySearch estimates in a new report that of the 205 million total TVs shipped in 2009, 140.5 million, or 69 percent, were LCD TVs (the rest were plasma and CRTs). In 2010, that percentage is forecast to rise to 78 percent for LCD TVs, when total shipments will rise to 218 million. Total TV shipments have actually been on the… Read More

  • In 2009, Netbook Shipments Grew 103%, Revenues Up 72% Year Over Year

    Industry research and analysis firm DisplaySearch estimates notebook PC revenues to top $109 billion in 2009, down almost 7% year over year. The company’s most recent Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report also shows a huge increase in the size of the netbook market, having grown its revenue share of the overall portable computer market to 11.7% in the third quarter of… Read More

  • Report: Netbooks Now A Fifth Of All Portable Computer Shipments

    Maybe it’s because they are cheap. Maybe it’s because they are small. Or maybe it’s just because people don’t need computers for much more than Net access these days. But the popularity of netbook computers keeps growing. In the second quarter, netbooks accounted for 22.5 of all portable computer shipments worldwide, according to market forecaster DisplaySearch (which… Read More