In 2009, Netbook Shipments Grew 103%, Revenues Up 72% Year Over Year

Industry research and analysis firm DisplaySearch estimates notebook PC revenues to top $109 billion in 2009, down almost 7% year over year.

The company’s most recent Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report also shows a huge increase in the size of the netbook market, having grown its revenue share of the overall portable computer market to 11.7% in the third quarter of 2009.

This has increased the overall size of the portable PC market considerably, according to DisplaySearch, but not nearly enough to offset declines in revenue.

Revenues in every notebook PC category were down year over year, and only the portable category (displays from 13” to 16.4”) posted Q/Q growth.

DisplaySearch expects notebook PC shipment volumes to increase 5% year over year in 2009. Netbooks and portable notebook PC (13″-16.4”) ASPs are however expected to be down more than 15% Y/Y in 2009 and again next year. These two market segments account for more than 85% of the total notebook market.

DisplaySearch expects the notebook PC market to grow by 16% in 2010, with higher than average growth for mini-notes and ultra-portable notebook PCs.

(Image credit: Yurukov – Flickr)