• Sharp announces world's first triple-layer Blu-ray disc (100GB capacity)

    Progress in the Blu-ray world: Sharp Japan announced [press release in English] the VR-100BR1 today, the world’s first Blu-ray disc that’s compatible to the BDXL format. In other words, you’ll soon be able to store up to 100GB of data on the three-layer discs, twice as much as the capacity conventional dual discs have. Read More

  • Peter Moore: Yeah, disc-based games will go the way of the [insert extinct animal here]

    Looks like EA finally understands what we’ve been talking about for a while now: that, in just a few year’s time, we’ll look back at disc-based media (here, video games) and be all, “Man, how quaint.” Peter Moore, who’s the president of EA Sports (no minor position, that), called the disc-based distribution model a “burning platform,” and… Read More

  • Report says Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc scratching problem prior to console's launch

    Wikipedia’d A recently filed lawsuit (which is seeking class action status) claims that Microsoft knew all about the disc scratching problem that affects its Xbox 360 game discs. As such, Microsoft should be required to pay a boatload of money to people whose game discs have been damaged. Read More

  • Guys Sues Microsoft Because the Xbox 360 Scratched His Discs

    Sony’s been in dutch for a while and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Not only will Redmond cough up $1 billion to repair faulty Xbox 360s, but a guy in Florida is suing the company because, in his opinion, the 360 needlessly scratches his game discs. The Floridian, who is seeking class action status, wants $5 million in damages, both punitive and imaginary. The guy’s main… Read More

  • The HQV HDTV Benchmark Disc

    A true hi-def aficionado knows that just buying an HDTV and then getting drunk with your pals while you watch a Mets game is not the way to go when it comes to buying a new TV. Luckily, HQV shares the same distinctive taste with these HDTV fans and has created a disc in both Blu-Ray and HD DVD format for calibrating a new HDTV. Each disc contains various tests and assessment tools to make sure… Read More

  • Microsoft: We Will Never Support Blu-ray, Stop Asking

    I thought Microsoft had made it abundantly clear that it was backing HD DVD, but talk has surfaced in recent days of the company embracing Blu-ray, especially if it feels HD DVD isn’t catching on. No sir, that couldn’t be further from the truth: We’re fully committed to HD-DVD and have absolutely no plans to support other optical formats…. Current reports indicating… Read More

  • HD-DVD Sprints Ahead

    The war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is officially back on. Toshiba has announced that over 100,000 HD-DVD players have been sold in the US. Oddly enough, Toshiba’s numbers don’t include the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive add-on, which is one of the most popular selling HD-DVD players on the market. This means that Blu-Ray is slipping behind and better start coming up with some new… Read More