Guys Sues Microsoft Because the Xbox 360 Scratched His Discs


Sony’s been in dutch for a while and now it’s Microsoft’s turn. Not only will Redmond cough up $1 billion to repair faulty Xbox 360s, but a guy in Florida is suing the company because, in his opinion, the 360 needlessly scratches his game discs. The Floridian, who is seeking class action status, wants $5 million in damages, both punitive and imaginary. The guy’s main beef is that Microsoft doesn’t warn consumers that moving the 360 while a disc is inside is tantamount to waving a red flag in front of a bull at a day care center. And when Microsoft did replace scratched-to-hell discs, it charged the guy $20 per disc. ::Shakes head back and forth like an old woman watching children tease a hobo::

Now all we need is for someone to accuse Nintendo of using the Wii to, I don’t know, mind control us or something and we’re golden. Golden like pie.

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