HD-DVD Sprints Ahead

The war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is officially back on. Toshiba has announced that over 100,000 HD-DVD players have been sold in the US. Oddly enough, Toshiba’s numbers don’t include the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive add-on, which is one of the most popular selling HD-DVD players on the market. This means that Blu-Ray is slipping behind and better start coming up with some new marketing ideas if they want to catch back up.

Obviously, praying that everyone with a PS3 will adopt the format is just ludicrous and with HD-DVD players being significantly cheaper than Blu-Ray players, either the prices have to drop or Sony is going to be kicking itself repeatedly in the head. Thought I still find it impressive that 100k players have been sold when there’s less than 300 movies available to buy. This summer I have a feeling we’ll start to see which format leaps ahead.

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