Nike’s Vaporfly Elite FlyPrint leans hard into computational design

Computational design is the hottest phrase in manufacturing and 3D printing at the moment. It’s changing the way people make all kinds of goods, and Nike used it to design and manufacture its new V

Lynk & Co reveals the 02 crossover SUV and details European rollout plans

Geely’s Lynk & Co is one of the more interesting young automotive brands, with an approach to sales and marketing that more closely resembles modern gadget and lifestyle brand go-to-market s

6 major tech companies have doubled their design hiring goals in last half decade

Android Wear Now Sports Designer Watch Faces

If you've stuck with your Android Wear watch, you'll be happy to know that there's a slew of new downloadable watch faces from some notable designers.

Apple Names Jony Ive ‘Chief Design Officer’

Apple’s Jony Ive, the design genius often credited for Apple’s innovative and unique industrial design language over the past couple of decades, has taken on a new role at the company: Chi

Another Swiss Watch Company Jumps On The Activity Tracker Train

Mondaine is a Swiss watch company with a solid pedigree. Their clever watch design is based on the Swiss railways clocks created by a designer named Hans Hilfiker in 1944. It is eminently readable and

Romain Jerome Announces The Subcraft, The Mechanical Watch That Looks Digital

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something mechanical in your life. To wit: the Romain Jerome Subcraft is the company’s latest “novelty” – a watch not made for mass p

Luxury Consignment Reseller Snobswap Grabs $700K To Bring Brick-And-Mortar Shops Online

<a target="_blank" href="">Snobswap</a>, the D.C.-based online shopping resale site with a funny but memorable name, is one of many new entrants in a growing market focused o

The RealReal’s Latest App RealBook Will Tell You What Your Designer Goods Are Actually Worth

Luxury consignment marketplace The RealReal is expanding its mobile footprint today with the launch of a new app called RealBook, which lets both potential buyers and sellers better understand the val

Backed By $3 Million In Funding, Canva Launches A Graphic Design Platform Anyone Can Use

A company called <a target="_blank" href="">Canva</a> is today launching what it hopes will become the default tool people use to create and collaborate on design online. The servic

Foursquare’s First Designer, Mari Sheibley, Decides To Check Out After Four Years

In a piece entitled "<a target="_blank" href="">Farewell Foursquare</a>", its first designer, <a target="_blank" href="

Light Pool: Japan gets a new designer cell phone

<img src="" /> Japan's second biggest cell phone carrier <a href="">KDDI</a> (over 30 millio

Japanese designers create fashion bags with recycled tires

Tokyo-based design company Mondo Design [JP] is approaching the concept of recycling from a fresh, new angle. They produce business bags and other items with a quite unique material: used tires. The p

Wooden mousepad, very fetching

Like the gorgeous designer keyboards we featured a while ago from this same site, this angled wooden keyboard is very good-looking but pretty overpriced. There isn’t a lot of info there, like wh

Coach Signature Stripe iPod Case

A few years ago, I strolled into a Coach store, which happened to be next to the Apple Store. Upon entering, I noticed to the left there were cases for full-sized iPods and iPod Minis. These were the