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Threads will allow you to follow Mastodon users by year-end, according to Meta meeting details

Threads’ roadmap for integrations with the fediverse, aka the network of decentralized apps that includes Twitter/X rival Mastodon and others, has been revealed. A new blog post by Tom Coates, t

Medium launches a ‘premium’ Mastodon instance as a membership perk

Publishing platform Medium is opening up its debut Mastodon instance,, to its members, the company announced today. Last month, Medium first teased its plans around the Fediverse — the g

Flipboard joins the Fediverse with a Mastodon integration and community, plans for ActivityPub

Magazine app Flipboard is joining the Fediverse — the group of interconnected servers powering a range of open source, decentralized applications, including the newly popular Twitter alternative

As crypto becomes more mainstream, can it stay decentralized?

Decentralization can mean different things to different people, but most in the web3 community agree that it is one of the key factors to what makes crypto, well, crypto.

The second blockchain bubble is now complete — what’s next?

The last few months haven’t been easy for crypto investors. Following the dizzying highs of crypto trading late last year, which saw Bitcoin reach a peak of $19,276 and a market cap of $323 billion

Unlock wants to rebuild your feed through a decentralized paywall

The feed has become the all-powerful determiner of success for creators. Facebook, Patreon, Medium and other platforms have amassed considerable power over creation, determining what gets seen, by who

The future is a decentralized internet

In a world with many blockchains and hundreds of tradable tokens built on top of them, entire industries are automated through software, venture capital and stock markets are circumvented, entrepreneu

Putting data back into the hands of owners

Ever wondered why your physician owns the information from your blood work? Or why your dentist owns your x-rays. Or some financial services company owns your credit information? Most people forget th

24 tech experts weigh in on what exactly a ‘decentralized web’ means

You may have seen some chatter here and there about the "decentralized web," but there isn't a really clear definition of what the term means — and really, considering its nature, it would be surpri

FireChat Alerts could help spread vital information in offline and disaster-stricken areas

Decentralized chat app FireChat is adding a new feature that could help disseminate critical info like storm warnings, health advisories and so on when the normal communications grid is down. Truth be

The Federated Web Should Be Easier Than It Sounds

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