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Meta crowns Nick Clegg president of tilting at regulatory headwinds

Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister of the U.K., has been elevated to new heights at Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook — under a new title of president of global affairs i

Facebook hires former UK Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, as global policy chief

Facebook has confirmed it has hired the former leader of the UK’s former third largest political party — Nick Clegg of the middle ground Liberal Democrats — to head up global policy

U.K. Gov’t: No End-To-End Encryption Please, We’re British…

The U.K. government continues to tie itself in ugly knots about encryption. The question is why? Earlier this year Prime Minister David Cameron made comments on the tech widely interpreted as an in

U.K. Knots Closer Cyber Security Ties In Washington

The U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is in Washington DC this week, lobbying the U.S. President on the need for circumventing the strong encryption of Internet services. So why is he now banging on a

U.K. PM To Take His Anti-Encryption Drum-Banging To Obama’s Doorstep

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is evidently not done banging the anti-encryption drum in public yet -- despite being slammed by Internet security experts, startup investors and others earlier this

Here’s What Happened On Twitter After The U.K. PM Said He Wants To Ban Encryption

Yesterday U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was dubbing a Fox News commenter who had made ludicrous claims on a topic on which he was entirely mis-informed "clearly an idiot". Today Cameron has been b

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, Sends First Tweet

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has sent his first tweet. Despite joining Twitter in January 2010 his verified account had never tweeted anything -- until a few moments ago. Why Cameron fee

Facebook rebuffs British Prime Minister, won't remove Raoul Moat page

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