data portability

  • Google Takeout, An Easier Way To Take Your Data With You

    Lost in all the buzz around Google+ is an important new feature rolled out alongside it that makes it way easier to take all your data out of Google. It is called, appropriately enough, Google Takeout. It’s got it’s own separate site and is also part of settings within Google+. In settings, you click on “Data Liberation” and then you are given the option to download… Read More

  • Why Every Site Should Have A Data Portability Policy

    Editor’s note: Today the DataPortability Project announces – the result of a 16 month effort that it hopes the industry will embrace. This guest post explains what a Portability Policy is, why your site should have a one, and why you should be looking for them. The author,¬†Elias Bizannes, is the chairperson and executive director of the DataPortability… Read More

  • Why Every Site Should Have A Data Portability Policy

    The software industry is still figuring out the right balance between open and closed, but we at the DataPortability Project believe that communication is the first step. Tell your visitors what they can expect from you and what you expect from them in return. Your Portability Policy explains the ways that your customers can use the digital “stuff” they’ve entered into… Read More

  • New Open Data Foundation To Set Out Data Formats

    Chris Saad, a co-founder of the Data Portability project has posted that tomorrow at OSCON a new Open Data Web Foundation will be announced by David Recordon and others. The goal of the new foundation is to set out the actual data specifications, legal structures around data portability and in helping to evangelize set formats. Saad says that the initiative is different to the Data… Read More