• Cuil Fail: Traffic Nearly Hits Rock Bottom

    Remember the ill-fated Google-killer Cuil? Named ‘Cuill’ and very much in stealth mode for the first part of the year, they finally emerged end of July 2008 with a ‘massive’ search engine that would rival the most popular search engines of our time with an enormous index, an innovative interface and some nifty features. Rival, it never did. The launch of the search… Read More

  • And….Cuil Goes Offline

    The new Cuil search engine apparently got a bit more traffic than the team anticipated immediately after launch a couple of hours ago. Everyone is trying it out to decide for themselves how disruptive it may be to the old guard search guys. For now, you’ll have to wait, a message on the site says “We’ll be back soon…Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are… Read More

  • Cuil Exits Stealth Mode With A Massive Search Engine

    Menlo Park based Cuil will launch later this evening with an index of 120 billion web pages, making them arguably the most comprehensive search engine on the web (Google doesn’t disclose the size of their index, although they claim to know about a trillion unique web pages) (Update: see our very early testing here). They’ve also dropped one of the “l’s” from… Read More

  • Stealth Search Engine Blekko Gets Money From Marc Andreessen, SoftTech

    2008 is the year of the search engine startup. Hot on the heels of Powerset’s partial launch earlier this week, stealth search engine Blekko (no logo, no website, just this and, apparently, some technology) raised a second round of financing. The company raised $3 million in equity at a $23 million post-money valuation. All previous investors participated, and new investors Marc… Read More

  • Cuill Secures $25M More For Next Generation Search

    Cuill, a stealth search engine company we first covered in September, has raised $25M in a Series B round led by Madrone Capital Partners and joined by Tugboat Ventures and Greylock Partners. Not a whole lot is known about Cuill except that it apparently can index the web at 1/10th the cost of Google. The startup was founded by search experts, two of which came from Google. It has been… Read More

  • Powerset Will Launch In Coming Weeks

    San Francisco based Powerset will be publicly launching a long-awaited beta version of the service in the coming weeks, the company told me yesterday. They are working on a new kind of search engine that will understand natural language searches and compete with keyword matching engines that dominate search today. An early version of the search engine, which was demo’d to me yesterday… Read More

  • The Next Google Search Challenger: Blekko

    Rich Skrenta, who created the first computer virus (Elk Cloner), co-founded the Open Directory Project, and co-founded online news site Topix, may have bitten off the biggest challenge of his career – taking on Google. In search. Skrenta left Topix last June. He started his new company, Blekko, almost immediately, along with five others from the Topix core team. They raised $2 million… Read More

  • Greylock Partners Invests In Stealth Search Engine Cuill

    We got (at least) one thing wrong when we wrote about super-stealth search startup Cuill last week. We said we believed the company self funded after searching for venture capital. But we now have it from two solid sources that they actually raised a $4 million Series A round from Greylock Partners, with partner David Strohm taking a board seat. Cuill, which was founded by husband and wife… Read More

  • Cuill: Super Stealth Search Engine; Google Has Definitely Noticed

    The murmurs about new stealth search engine Cuill (pronounced “cool”), which were barely a whisper earlier this year, are gaining strength and are starting to reverberate through Silicon Valley gatherings. Expect Powerset-like hype to begin forming around Cuill in the next few months. The company just recently put up a landing page with very basic information. The company’s… Read More