This Cube Robot Can Climb Up Little Hills Thanks To Its Springy Tongues

Imagine you’re a squishy cube . Imagine you need to climb a hill. How do you do it? With your tongue(s), of course. Researchers at CSAIL at MIT have created a little cube robot that can propel i

YC-Backed Slidepay Tries To Be The “Android” Of Payments Against Square’s Apple-Like Tack

Back in February, I wrote about a startup called Cube that was trying to build a point-of-sale system for small and medium-sized businesses that would eventually give analytics about inventory. Cube h

The Gesture Cube may not be real but it should be

<img src=""><a HREF="">IDENT's GestIC</a> technology is a gesture-based interface system and they're showing o

Test your geekdom with these extreme Rubik's Cube-ish V-CUBEs

I still can’t do the original Rubik’s Cube after watching a couple of YouTube instructional videos. Technically, these are called VCUBES but still retain all of theĀ original’sĀ fun.

Iona Cube: Dead simple Internet radio for under $50 Conventional Internet radio hardware devices are about to get a kick in the expensive, cumbersome pants if Cambridge

CrunchArcade: Puzzles on the Portables

Big things do indeed come in small packages, and this is notably true of the some of the latest puzzle games for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. These offerings might not be overly comp