• USAID: Our Cuban Twitter Clone Was More Popular Than Reported

    USAID: Our Cuban Twitter Clone Was More Popular Than Reported

    Consider this my favorite correction in recent memory: USAID, fine purveyors of a Twitter clone called ZunZuneo in Cuba, would like you to know that it was more popular than reported. Read More

  • Obama loosens Cuba restrictions for tech companies

    Looks like President Obama wants to see some change in our Cuba policy, and not merely change affecting only Cuban-Americans and their relationship with the country. American telecommunication companies will now be allowed to, among other things, establish satellite links between the two countries and—Opie and Anthony may soon be heard in Havana! Read More

  • Cuba launches its own version of Linux called Nova: No more depending on Windows

    Cuba is trying to eliminate its dependency on Microsoft Windows by launching and promoting a homegrown version of Linux called Nova. Government officials say they want to ween as many of the country’s computers off Windows just in case the operating system has hidden hooks into the CIA, NSA, etc. Can’t have that, now can they? Linux, free and open source, also gels with the… Read More

  • Viva la Revolucion: Broadband to Cuba in 2010

    Cuba is set to get broadband internet access in the year 2010 and you can sure as hell bet that CrunchGear will more than happy to provide Cubans everywhere with half-cocked news and reviews that may or may not pertain to the world of technology. Apparently, some documents have been leaked (site is currently down, unfortunately) detailing an undersea cable to be stretched between Cuba and… Read More

  • Personal computers finally available in Cuba

    For the first time ever, Cuban citizens can purchase personal computers. There’s only one model available and it’s priced too high for most Cubans (and it’d seem like a downright rip-off to most Americans), but this is a good start nonetheless. The computer is a QTECH PC and costs just under $800. It’s got a Celeron processor, 80GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, Windows XP… Read More

  • Patria o muerte: Cubans now buying cellphones (if they can afford them)

    How fun does Cuba look? I’d visit it in a second. Cubans can now buy cellphones! That means they’re well on their way to becoming a member of the international community of nations, right? Baby steps. Yup, starting today, everyday Cubans can purchase cellphones from the state-owned wireless provider. The cellphones are said to be restriction-free, as they’re able to make… Read More