Ransomware gang caught using Microsoft-approved drivers to hack targets

Security researchers say they have evidence that threat actors affiliated with the Cuba ransomware gang used malicious hardware drivers certified by Microsoft during a recent attempted ransomware atta

FBI, CISA say Cuba ransomware gang extorted $60M from victims this year

The Cuba ransomware gang extorted more than $60 million in ransom payments from victims between December 2021 and August 2022, a joint advisory from CISA and the FBI has warned. The latest advisory is

US issues rare security alert as Montenegro battles ongoing ransomware attack

The U.S. Embassy in Montenegro has warned Americans that an ongoing ransomware attack in the country could cause widespread disruption to key public services and government services. The ransomware at

US cuts trade ties to Myanmar, leaving internet access uncertain

The U.S. government has cut trade ties to Myanmar, two months after the country’s military staged a coup overthrowing the country’s president and also its de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi

Voter manipulation on social media now a global problem, report finds

New research by the Oxford Internet Institute has found that social media manipulation is getting worse, with rising numbers of governments and political parties making cynical use of social media alg

GitHub confirms it has blocked developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea

The impact of U.S. trade restrictions is trickling down to the developer community. GitHub, the world’s largest host of source code, is preventing users in Iran, Syria, Crimea and potentially ot

Telegram’s crypto tokens are (kind of) going on sale to the public for the first time

Telegram, the most hyped ICO in the history of ICOs, is finally making its tokens available to retail investors through a limited listing that will precede a full sale later this year — but ther

Slack says it will comply with sanctions and block Iran-based activity, apologizes for botched first effort

Slack has apologized after it shut down the accounts of users who have visited Iran following a poorly executed effort at complying with U.S. sanctions against the country. The company, which has eigh

How US tech companies can help Cuban entrepreneurs

What's it like to be an entrepreneur in a place that has little to no Internet access? Today at TechCrunch's Disrupt NY, we got the perspective of a trio of Cuban entrepreneurs to learn about the chal

Meet Cuba’s first internet entrepreneurs at Disrupt New York

Cubazon. Kewelta. Knales. These aren’t house hold names in the US but they’re at the vanguard of entrepreneurship in Cuba and they’ll be joining us on stage at Disrupt New York. We&#

What do you call a ‘non-entrepreneur? Cuba’s best hackers

What do you call an innovative person who builds a product out of nothing and launches something that will change people’s lives? Everywhere besides Cuba, you’d call this person an entrepreneur. Y

Angel investors hope to find the best and brightest in Cuba’s emerging tech scene

President Obama's bold new course on Cuban policy is paving the way for emerging tech to blossom in the country. A new entrepreneurial competition, 10x10KCuba, hopes to uncover Cuba's best and brighte

Airbnb will open its Cuba listings to users outside the United States

Airbnb will now let travelers from outside the U.S. to book properties in Cuba after receiving authorization from the U.S. government, reports the Associated Press. Previously, only Americans were all

Stripe’s startup toolkit Atlas opens for business in Cuba

A month ago, payments company Stripe launched Atlas, a toolkit for startups to incorporate in the U.S. and lay the groundwork for growing their businesses online. Aimed largely at small enterprise

Verizon signs direct roaming agreement with Cuba’s state telecom

Verizon has signed an agreement that makes it the second U.S. carrier to offer direct roaming in Cuba. The deal with Etecsa, a government-owned telecom, will enable direct voice calls between U.S. and

Cuba’s Startup Paradox

You see them everywhere. Throngs of young and old, men and women, heads down on their smartphones, fingers rapid fire, mouths curling into smiles as they soak up the joy of an Internet connection. Why

A Conversation With DemocracyOS, The YC Non-Profit That Built A Latin American Political Party

One of the stranger things that Y Combinator has supported — among the many more interesting things they’ve started to back like prosthetic legs, macrobiotic research and Uber-for-marijuan

15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week's tech news (2/7-2/13) included dog-like robots, a high tech cruise ship, Netflix's launch in Cuba and Samsung's eavesdropping TV. These are the stories to catch you up on the world of tech.

U.S. Relaxation Of Trade Restrictions With Cuba Includes Greater Access To Internet Services

The U.S. and Cuba are easing their diplomatic relations, the White House is announcing today, marking a relaxation of a relationship that has remained tense since the Cold War. Part of that easing wil

USAID: Our Cuban Twitter Clone Was More Popular Than Reported

Consider this my favorite correction in recent memory: USAID, fine purveyors of a Twitter clone called ZunZuneo in Cuba, would like you to know that it was more popular than reported.
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