Project Mimicry Lets You Play Virtually In A Real Sandbox

This is just too cool. Project Mimicry is a game/project in which a real-life sandbox is monitored for depth information, and the resulting virtual landscape is able to be played on, raced in, and explored in a separate game environment.

Watch the video, it’s easier to see it that way. But this just looks like a ton of fun. You could put together sweet racing courses and jumps, make little towns and such — the only problem is that it seems to see from the top down, so you can’t make caves or overhangs. Still, totally awesome.

It’s “in development” right now according to Monobanda, but I’m not sure whether they’re actually planning on making a commercial release (which would be difficult) or just let it stand on its own as a sort of proof of concept art game. I’m happy either way.

[via Indie Games]