ICE used ‘stingray’ cell phone snooping tech hundreds of times since 2017

Newly released documents show U.S. immigration authorities have used a secretive cell phone snooping technology hundreds of times across the U.S. in the past three years. The documents, obtained throu

This Is A Mini Crossbow Made Of Gold

For your morning edification I present to you without comment a mini-crossbow made of silver and gold. It can, if threatened, pop balloons. via reddit

Hippies need automatic crossbows too

When you live out in the country and have little else to do with your time, you need to make stuff. Take this self-cocking, automatic crossbow, for example. Made by a fellow called the Duckman, this s

Link wants you to shoot a crossbow

Who doesn’t love the Zelda-series of games from Nintendo? I’m pretty sure if you can’t find one Link game you like, you’re a communist. For you patriots out there, here’s

Windows Mobile 6 Pics on a Treo 750v

As Windows Mobile 6 (aka “Crossbow”) makes its way around the mobile marketplace, the question on my Windows-based smartphone owners is “will it work on my phone?” The answer i

Cnet on Windows Mobile 6: Better, but Not Yet Great

We make fun of Windows Mobile here at CrunchGear HQ all the time. The clunky, ill-thought-out OS is just not what a mobile OS should be: simple. That being said, Windows Mobile 6, aka Crossbow, is sho

Windows Mobile 6 In the Wild

Popped by the Microsoft booth before the official conference this afternoon to take a look at Windows Mobile 6. It looks like the major upgrade is in the messaging, which isn’t nearly enough to

Windows Mobile 6 Gets One More Thumbs Up

If a device running Windows Mobile is in your near future, it looks like you’ll definitely want to get one running the newest version. LAPTOP magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer gave

Windows Mobile Crossbow: Look Who's All Grown Up! has an incredibly detailed examination of Windows Mobile Crossbow along with enough screenshots to choke a monkey. Does it look better than WinMo 5? Absolutely. Does the rancid taste of WinMo

Windows Mobile 6 (Officially) Announced

Alright, this shouldn’t be new to anyone who reads the site regularly, but Windows Mobile 6 is coming. We’ve already reported tons of information on Crossbow, but today there is a little m

Microsoft Renames Windows Mobile 6 to Standard, Professional, Classic

The horror that is Windows Mobile 5 currently comes in three flavors: Pocket PC edition (for non-smartphone handhelds), Phone edition (for smartphones with touchscreens), and Smartphone edition (for p

Windows Crossbow LEAKED

Ever wonder what a dripping faucet and Microsoft software have in common? They both leak. Thanks to some beta testers of Windows Mobile 6.0 (aka Crossbow), you too can now enjoy the power of a next-ge

Windows Mobile Crossbow In Action David at MobilityToday turned us on to this video of Crossbow in action. Anything, I suspect, is better than WinMo 5.0. Cr