Cnet on Windows Mobile 6: Better, but Not Yet Great

We make fun of Windows Mobile here at CrunchGear HQ all the time. The clunky, ill-thought-out OS is just not what a mobile OS should be: simple. That being said, Windows Mobile 6, aka Crossbow, is showing itself to be a conscious, formulated upgrade rather than a slap-dash of bug fixes, which is a start.

The good folks at CNet put WinMo 6 through its paces and have given it a positive review, saying that the upgrade isn’t mind-blowingly different, but is competent and addresses a few of the failures the previous version suffered from.

Does this mean we’d recommend it? Sure. Anything is better than Windows Mobile 5, including Windows CE and Windows ME. No, really. We’re hoping that for the next version, MS allows the Zune design team to step up, as that interface is among the best we’ve ever used.

Windows Mobile 6 [CNet]