Rocket Lab to open a third launch pad — its second in New Zealand

Small-satellite launch company Rocket Lab just officially declared its second launch pad open, but it has already broken ground on a third. The new one will be located in New Zealand on the Mahia peni

AT&T Is In Event Mode, Replaces Site With iPhone 5 Pre-Order Countdown

Despite my not-so-great experiences with AT&T today, the company is getting the iPhone 5 party started early and drumming up excitement, as a timer has replaced its site: What is Midway up to?

Remember last month I informed you all that a new “Mortal Kombat” title was coming? Well, I think something big is going to be announced on April 17th a 3PM EST. Why? Because Midway has re

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 03

The wait for CES is yawn inducing, but it looms at least. That means no more slow news days; no more staring blankly at my monitor, possibly drooling, waiting for something interesting to happen. It a

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 02

I was supposed to post these last night, but I got wrapped up watching LSU annihilate Notre Dame. Sorry bout that. Anyway, I managed to find two winners for yesterday’s Reader Response at some p

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 01

Happy Jan. 2! You know, I only recently got used to writing 2006—and now it’s 2007. I wonder if I’ll adapt to writing the correct date sometime this side of July. At least on CrunchG

Reader Response: Countdown to CES

Happy New Year everybody. I hope everyone had a pleasant evening and managed to remain safe. We’re currently working off our drunks, but semi-consistent posting should resume tomorrow. At any ra