Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 01

Happy Jan. 2! You know, I only recently got used to writing 2006—and now it’s 2007. I wonder if I’ll adapt to writing the correct date sometime this side of July. At least on CrunchGear, WordPress handles the date for me.

I bet you all are waiting eagerly for your daily winners, which is good, because I have them for you. Two of ‘um. A lucky pair who will each be walking away with a Belkin Clamp-On Surge Protectors. So who are the winners?

After all of our standard deliberation, we managed to fall upon two winners for today. They are Steve and Paul Goudas. I’ll contact the both of you sometime this week to get your contact infos.

Don’t forget, we still have a bunch more prizes to give away this week courtesy of Belkin. The remaining prizes are:

(2) Concealed Surge Protectors
(1) SportCommand
(1) N1 Wireless Router and ExpressCard Notebook Card

Prizes will be given away in that order in regular fashion. If you want to win, simply comment on this week’s posts. The commenters with the highest frequency and quality of posts will win. And be sure to leave your email address in the commenter info form. No one without a valid email address will win. Happy commenting!