AT&T Is In Event Mode, Replaces Site With iPhone 5 Pre-Order Countdown

Despite my not-so-great experience with AT&T today, the company is getting the iPhone 5 party started early and drumming up excitement, as a countdown timer has replaced its site:

If you don’t care about the iPhone 5, you can still enter the site through the tiny log-in link at the bottom. I’m told that AT&T is fully prepared for the army of folks who will be pre-ordering at 12:01 on the dot. Can they handle the load? We’ll surely find out.

It’s worth noting that Sprint nor Verizon have anything special on their homepages to ring in the iPhone 5 pre-orders. In fact, they’re quite hidden on both sites. Odd.

Will you be pre-ordering an iPhone 5 at 12:01AM PT?