• The Circuit City brand and website could be sold to Systemax (who owns CompUSA)

    A tipster informed us about the mysterious message a week ago, and it seems that the brand might indeed be resurrected. Systemax, of TigerDirect and CompUSA fame, is interested in purchasing Circuit City‘s brandname and website for $6.5 million. There is a chance for other potential bidders to submit offers until May 11. Systemax has done a decient job of raising CompUSA… Read More

  • Fire Sale: CompUSA clearing out HD DVD player, movies

    The above picture pretty much explains it all. CompUSA is clearing everything out and here’s your chance to cash in. It’s only the 720p player but when you factor in the seven movies it’s not too bad a deal at $90. But you want the 1080p player don’t you? Yeah, I thought so. There’s even a deal on a 1080p Vizio. Check it out after the jump. Thanks for sending this… Read More

  • More details about the CompUSA store closings

    So your neighborhood computer superstore is going away, huh? You know, some say that after we die a quick and tragic death, our soul lingers around if it’s not quite ready to cross over to the next plane of existence. So you may very well catch a hint of CompUSA the next time you’re in Micro Center or even Best Buy. Maybe a delicate whiff of register ink or a deeply discounted… Read More

  • CompUSA's liquidation schedule leaked

    Looks like someone spilled the beans. As we reported over the weekend, CompUSA has been bought and will almost certainly be closed down. Now we’re definitely sure because the schedule for dealing with closing up shops has been released. Basically, everyone gets informed Monday, Tuesday is the last day for returns and repairs, and Wednesday is the interesting part, as that’s when the… Read More

  • CompUSA closing, assets to be sold

    CompUSA is dead. The chain will remain open during the holidays, offering nice discounts to vultures like you and me, but has been bought by Gordon Brothers and will be sold off piece by piece. Dallas-based CompUSA said on Friday that active discussions are underway to sell its technical services business, CompUSA TechPro, its online sales operation,, and select stores in key… Read More

  • CompUSA selling 80GB Zune for $1,113.07

    Looks like CompUSA has been selling the 80GB Zune 2 for some time now and for $1,113.07! It’s probably a typo and I doubt that people would spend that much money on a Zune, but it’s pretty funny when retailers make such bloopers. They’re sold out online so who knows. It’s not a typo. CompUSA will sometimes put the release date as the price in items that haven’t… Read More

  • Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA

    Hey, everybody! Remember that 3D touch game doohickey we told you about a few months ago? Yeah know, where you can feel shapes, textures and weight. Well, if you’ve been waiting-and I know you have been-hit up your local CompUSA store beginning October 8th and pick up a Novint Falcon game controller. There’s a super exclusive Limited Edition Novint Falcon Bundle for $239 that… Read More