Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA

Hey, everybody! Remember that 3D touch game doohickey we told you about a few months ago? Yeah know, where you can feel shapes, textures and weight. Well, if you’ve been waiting-and I know you have been-hit up your local CompUSA store beginning October 8th and pick up a Novint Falcon game controller.

There’s a super exclusive Limited Edition Novint Falcon Bundle for $239 that includes Newton’s Monkey BusinessT (24 minigames) and Feelin’ ItT: Sports Pack. Jawsome!

CompUSA to Offer Amazing 3D Touch Game Controller

(New York, New York – September 27, 2007) –Novint Technologies, Inc. (NVNT), the pioneer of 3D touch for consumer computing announces that the award winning Novint Falcon game controller will be available at CompUSA stores nationwide beginning the week of October 8th, 2007. The Falcon is a first-of-a-kind 3D interface that makes virtual objects, environments and actions feel real. Using the Falcon, which is in essence a small robot, players feel texture, shape, weight, dimension, dynamics, 3D motion, and force effects when playing touch-enabled games. All CompUSA stores will feature an in-store demonstration unit that will let customers experience Novint’s touch-enabled games firsthand.

“We’re pleased to be the first national retailer to make this innovative game controller available to consumers,” said Paul Ewert, Executive Vice President and General Merchandising Manager for CompUSA. “The Falcon brings a new level of interactivity to PC gaming that will appeal to CompUSA’s tech enthusiast customers.”

“This is a tremendous milestone for us,” said Novint CEO, Tom Anderson. “CompUSA has demonstrated their commitment to bring outstanding new technology to their customers which makes their stores a perfect venue for our products. This will give many people the chance to try and buy a Falcon locally.”

Prior to the nationwide rollout, the Falcon Swoop Tour, which is travelling the country introducing people to Novint’s products, will visit CompUSA’s Mt. Laurel, New Jersey store, offering its customers one of the first opportunities to purchase the new game controller. The Swoop Tour will also make stops at other CompUSA stores. Please visit the tour website ( for specific dates and locations.

The exclusive Limited Edition Novint Falcon Bundle, available for$239 MSRP, includes Newton’s Monkey Business™, with 24 fun and diverse minigames, and the Feelin’ It™: Sports Pack, which includes full versions of bowling, table tennis, golf and practice versions of basketball and baseball. Additional games, including free drivers for the Half-Life 2® mod Haptics-Life 2, are available for download through N VeNT™, Novint’s exclusive interface for games, information, software updates, unique content, and community.