• The Greenlid Solves The Age-Old Problem Of Gross Compost Buckets

    The Greenlid Solves The Age-Old Problem Of Gross Compost Buckets

    Greenlid was my heart of gold, the bard once sang, for she did not fill up with slime and mold so discourteously. Why? Because Greenlid is a biodegradable compost bucket with a simple plastic lid that lets you dump your scraps into the garden without having to deal with cleaning out nasty, rotting vegetables. Read More

  • Compost-powered heating

    The last time I ever dealt with a compost pile was back in elementary school science class  with an over-zealously earth-minded teacher. While I could never find that much enjoyment from decaying matter, Japanese design firm Bakoko has created an interesting greenhouse heated by various compost chambers in the walls. Read More

  • DIY worm composting

    Looking for a way to compost your organic waste? All you need is a bunch of worms and a plastic storage tub with a lid. How big the tub needs to be and how many worms you need depends on how much food waste you want to process per week. To give you an idea, a pound of worms can process half a pound of waste per day. Read More

  • Project: Double-barrelled elevated composter

    It’s Earth Day, if you hadn’t yet noticed, and as we gear up for CrunchGear’s Green Week we find a how-to on making a neat two-level, double-barrelled composter. If you have a few power tools and the space, it appears to be a fairly straight forward Make that raises your compost heap up off the ground to keep it away from the likes or raccoons and other scavengers. If… Read More