Compost-powered heating

The last time I ever dealt with a compost pile was back in elementary school science class  with an over-zealously earth-minded teacher. While I could never find that much enjoyment from decaying matter, Japanese design firm Bakoko has created an interesting greenhouse heated by various compost chambers in the walls.

Designed to sustain tea gardens through biting winters, the Comploo uses some super-secret heat dispersal method to keep temperatures inside up to 120˚F. The official word is:

A steady supply of rich organic compost is extracted from a door at the bottom of each bin. It fertilizes new vegetation that will eventually become fuel for the next cold season. The concept is suited to large urban parks, community gardens, or even serving as an outdoor café – anywhere that generates a continuous supply of organic waste for fuel.

It may look like a UFO, but this is really a brilliantly sustainable design. All that’s left is to work out how to eliminate the god-awful smell that comes with it. Expect a prototype to be unveiled soon.