The Greenlid Solves The Age-Old Problem Of Gross Compost Buckets

Greenlid was my heart of gold, the bard once sang, for she did not fill up with slime and mold so discourteously. Why? Because Greenlid is a biodegradable compost bucket with a simple plastic lid that lets you dump your scraps into the garden without having to deal with cleaning out nasty, rotting vegetables.

Created in Toronto by Morgan and Jackson Wyatt, the kit includes a specially designed biodegradable bucket. When it fills up you yank the lid off and chuck the whole thing into the pile. For $30 you get ten buckets and a lid and the team expects to use its funding to create the final molds for the system.

Obviously you’ll probably run out of buckets fairly quickly and that’s something the team is currently solving. They’re also working on a system that will ensure your compost won’t start leaking out prematurely, an issue that could sink the project.

However, I’m sure these fine Canadian lads will solve the sloppy bucket problem and bring this thing to fruition. They’re $8,000 into a $25,000 goal so they need a little help but just imagine the joy of not having to fight off a nasty, blue banana peel in your sink.