Sony will now pay researchers $50,000+ for critical PS4 bugs

Think you’ve found a way to consistently brick someone’s PS4, or make it run code that it shouldn’t? Sony wants to know — and now they’re willing to pay. This morning Sony an

Bugcrowd raises $30M in Series D to expand its bug bounty platform

Bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform Bugcrowd has raised $30 million in its Series D funding round. The San Francisco-headquartered company said the round brings the total amount raised to

Apple expands its bug bounty, increases maximum payout to $1M

Apple is finally giving security researchers something they’ve wanted for years: a macOS bug bounty. The technology giant said Thursday it will roll out the bug bounty program to include Macs an

Tesla’s new bug bounty protects hackers — and your warranty

Good news if you’re into hacking your car, you probably won’t void your warranty. The electric car giant confirmed the move in a tweet this week. Tesla’s product security policy now

Air Force launches bug bounty program

The Air Force announced today that it will launch a bug bounty next month for several of its public-facing websites, allowing hackers to seek out vulnerabilities in the sites and exchange them for cas

Hackers, Start Your Engines: Facebook Opens Registration For Its Annual Hacker Cup Competition

Facebook today announced that it has <a target="_blank" href="">opened registration</a> for the Hacker Cup, its annual competition for programmers with a $5,

UPS, FedEx drivers to square off at 2009 National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships next month

<img src="" alt="truck race" /><em>King of Queens</em> Season Five, Episode 20 (titled <em>Driving Reign</em>) finds Doug Heffernan and