• Columbus, Ohio rumored to secure a total of $140 million in grants as the U.S. DOT Smart City winner

    Columbus, Ohio rumored to secure a total of $140 million in grants as the U.S. DOT Smart City winner

    The Columbus Dispatch is reporting this afternoon that Columbus OH is the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge beating out San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Kansas City, Denver and Pittsburgh and will receive $140 million in grants and matches. I reached out to local and state offices for confirmation but have not received comment at this point. Read More

  • Starting And Finishing In Columbus Crunch Network

    Starting And Finishing In Columbus

    Historically, a concentration of the country’s startups with the most upside move to the Valley, Boston, New York and Austin for what the geography can do for them. This isn’t news. In fact, I was one of them. Read More

  • Launches Local Music Streaming Radio App Launches Local Music Streaming Radio App

    In an attempt to watch their development, I’ve been keeping tabs on a small Columbus OH startup called I first talked with them several weeks ago before their product launch, and have been interviewing them occasionally, to see how they are adapting, changing, improving, revising their business model and product. That product — a streaming radio iOS app called… Read More

  • SeatGeek Unveils Columbus, A “Pandora For Live Events”

    SeatGeek Unveils Columbus, A “Pandora For Live Events”

    Sometimes you want to go out, but aren’t sure what’s going on in your city that would interest you. SeatGeek, the ticket search engine for live events, is launching an event discovery engine today called Columbus that helps you find concerts, sporting events, and live shows in your area. It is a “Pandora for live events” says SeatGeek co-founder Jack Groetzinger. You… Read More

  • CrunchGear Columbus Meet-Up: Meet the Galaxy Tab

    I’m in Columbus, Ohio this week (I know! Glamorous!) and I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab in tow so I thought it might be fun to have another Columbus meet-up. We’re thinking of having it at Old 40 Tavern at 2882 East Main Street. If you’d like to talk gadgets or start-ups, we’ll be there starting at 7pm and ending at whenever. Read More

  • Ohio LinuxFest 2010: sudo install freedom

    The eighth annual Ohio LinuxFest is September 10-12 in lovely Columbus, Ohio. As always, this is a free event chock full of interesting hands-on Linux and free software solutions. Register at the Supporter level for $65 and you’ll get lunch, one of the gorgeous t-shirts pictured here, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting an event like this. Read More

  • Thank you, Columbus, Ohio!

    If you weren’t at the Surly Girl Saloon last night for the Columbus CrunchGear meetup, then you were somewhere else! You missed John sporting a new pair of Onion Goggles. You missed a nerd-a-thon comparing the Droid, HD2, iPhone, Dream, and whatever other handhelds folks could dig out of their pockets. And you missed an opportunity to put your grubby paws on not only the TwitterPeek but… Read More

  • CrunchGear meetup in Columbus, OH: Monday, November 9

    Remember, remember, the 9th of November!
    Gadgets, technology, and beer.
    I see no reason why gadgets and tech
    should ever bring little cheer. Last year’s Columbus meetup was a huge success, and folks have been asking me when we’ll do it again. Well mark your calendars for Monday, November 9, and join us for a friendly evening of networking and libations at the Surly Girl Saloon… Read More

  • Geek Weekend: Columbus, Ohio

    Geek Weekend is a continuing travel series about geeky things to do in cities around the world. Want your city featured? Write us at It’s a common opinion — even amongst its residents — that Columbus, Ohio is “Cow Town, USA” with nothing to do. As a life-long resident, I disagree emphatically with that notion. Columbus is the 15th largest city… Read More

  • Informal Central Ohio Meet-up on December 29 in Columbus, Ohio

    I’m proposing we have a get-together at the Surly Girl Saloon [Map] in the Short North on Monday at 6pm. It’s between holidays, it’ll be nice and cozy, and we can talk of many things, including but not limited to, cabbages and kings. Please email if you plan on stopping by. Read More

  • Pittsburghers and Columbusites: CrunchGear is coming home

    I’ll be in Pittsburgh until Wednesday of next week for RoboBusiness and a visit to the alma mater and then I’ll be Columbus, Ohio until the weekend. I’d love to meet CG readers in both locations. Drop me a line at john @ crunchgear dot com or leave a note after the jump. Read More

  • Columbus Day!

    Well kids, it’s Columbus Day and we’re cutting out early to get sloshed and pass out in pools of our own vomit. It’s the calm before the storm really. We’ll be covering Digital Life in full force, so stay tuned for all of that noise starting Thursday. Anyway, be good tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow. Read More