Anker’s Nebula Capsule portable projector is a pocket powerhouse

Anker is a device maker that’s rapidly become a go-to brand for affordable, quality accessories include cables, chargers and backup batteries. More recently, it’s started to branch out int

Now the cloud wars (really) begin

For all of the back-and-forth between Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others over the past couple of years, we’ve only seen the most nascent battles in a multi-decade war for the future of the cloud.

Twitter’s Custom Emojis Make Their Debut As An Ad Unit With #ShareACoke

A few months ago, I wondered out loud if Twitter was missing the boat by not charging for its custom emojis. I mean, brands want to spend money on ads. I bet they’re salivating over having their

Ustream’s Automatic Copyright Protection Just Killed The Salesforce Keynote Stream (UPDATED)

Here's an example of awesome technology working, but potentially at the wrong time. The Salesforce/Dreamforce keynote was interrupted during its Ustream streaming due to copyright protection.

Have a Coke and blue screen of death

Just got this from a reader named Oswald in Katy, Texas. Apparently, Coke uses Windows in their vending machines. Oops!

The Far Future: Digital paper on Coke cans?

We’re not really sure why we’d want this, and we’re definitely not sure it’s technology we can see a use for, but some smartypants are working on a way to embed movable text wi

Bill Gates invests in Mexican brewery

  Bill Gates now owns 3-percent of the world’s second-largest Coke bottler and Mexico’s second-largest brewery. I say good for you, Mr. Gates. Cascade Investment LLC, the asset manage

Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Reviewed

[youtube] On an especially hot day like today, you’ll probably want to cool off and have a refreshing beverage. But which should you choose? A soda? A

Coke And Apple Giving Away 2 Billion iTMS Tracks

Right off the bat, allow me to inform you that this promotion is only going on in the UK. Kind of makes sense, since the past two summers here had Pepsi giving away iTMS tracks. Either way, Coke and A