Coke And Apple Giving Away 2 Billion iTMS Tracks

Right off the bat, allow me to inform you that this promotion is only going on in the UK. Kind of makes sense, since the past two summers here had Pepsi giving away iTMS tracks. Either way, Coke and Apple have teamed up to bring you over 2 billion free iTunes Music Store tracks for free. Just look inside specially-marked bottles of pop and you could be on your way to downloading Freebird.

The contest is set to run from May through August, meaning the hot summer heat will contribute to the frequent purchasing of Coke over Pepsi since it’ll be hella hot outside. But my question to you is: are you a Coke or Pepsi person? I’m a Pepsi guy and I won’t go buying Coke just for free iTunes songs. Will you stay loyal or will you fall victim to a slick marketing tool?

Coke to give away 2 billion free iTunes tracks [Crave UK]