Hiring has gone Hollywood

The top of the hiring funnel has gotten very crowded. We’ve always had recruiters or headhunters for top executives. They’re also commonly used in many industries for lower-skill positions, i.e. s

CodeFights launches a new practice mode to help developers prepare for job interviews

Most job interviews for developers are somewhat predictable in that they will likely involve some kind of coding -- generally on a whiteboard. That's not really how developers normally work. Because t

Startups are making the rejection letter a thing of the past

It seems clear that job rejections are headed for the nostalgia pile, alongside Pop Rocks, big hair, Fanta and hockey fights. Before too long, we’ll look back on the era of rejection letters as “t

CodeFights raises $10M Series A round for its skills-based recruiting platform

CodeFights brings together coding challenges and skills-based recruiting. The company, which competes with the likes of HackerRank, today announced that it has raised a $10 million Series A round led

CodeFights Scores $2.4 Million To Turn Coding Practice Into A Game

A startup that turns practicing your programming skills into a game, CodeFights, has just raised $2.4 million in seed funding to further develop its real-time, social game where developers can partici