• Cisco and

    I picked up a juicy rumor this weekend that Cisco may have acquired, a video annotation and deep tagging service that launched in 2006 and then shut down last month. When closed down last month they said in an email to users “While I regret this shutdown, I am very excited by the reason behind it. You’ll be seeing Click.TV technology very soon doing *much* bigger… Read More

  • Click.TV Player Joins the Deadpool

    Deep video tagging service Click.TV sent an email to their users today stating that they will be shutting down their video player, taking any videos served by Click.TV offline. We’ve covered Click.TV before as well as the other deep tagging startups. Click.TV says the shutdown will be accompanied by bigger plans for the future. We’re adding Click.TV to the deadpool in the meantime… Read More

  • All The Cool Kids Are Deep Tagging

    The popularity of rich media publishing (such as podcasting and videocasting, the YouTube phenomenon, etc.) is a problem for search engines and people trying to use search engines to find this content. The problem is that the traditional ways search engines index and rank content don’t apply to rich media because, well, it’s not easily indexable. A few startups are focusing on… Read More

  • Moves Video Ideas Forward

    As I’ve mentioned, the online video space is evolving extremely fast, with new companies launching just about every week. will soon be joining the crowd with a compelling offering. Macromedia, by the way, is a major source of the creativity. Just about everyone is transcoding to Flash to show the videos to users, and the new Flash tools are allowing developers to do really… Read More